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  • Feb 27th, 2012 @ 2:43pm

    Scarcity is a bad business model in 2thousand future

    I agree that a company or Film industry Company, should refrain from scarcity. Flooding the markets is a wash too. The balance is to get one hands dirty and know what the consumer wants and how they recieve the product. Balance is success and profitable work ethic.

    We have way more people with way more access and now there is the interenet.

    I am 32 and have scene television litearally disappear in some regions, let alone going to the movies. Gaming has increased its legitamcy for hobbie, and there are plenty of events to just watch these new graphics and story lines "played out" on big screen.

    The value of the product comes from the balance.

    If X product is only know and used by a few, then the Company can control. However, it wants national or international expectations. Once it has established its presence, and gained a position as a staple then it can from within the product expectation limit access and increase value;retread the consumers spending to achieve certain status or ammenties with certain levels.

    Film on the otherhand. has a hard road to travel. Across the nation going to the movies isn't what it has meant for the consumer, and now it is better to stay at home. The industry will have get back in touch with the audience experience. Otherwise, they will remain vulnerable to piracy and new habits to when and where their consumers chose to view films.