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  • Jan 10th, 2017 @ 11:03am

    It just raises the 0 point

    A true test would give everyone in a designated area this minimum income. Giving this to every fifth person in the area is not an accurate test of the possible results of creating a guaranteed minimum income (GMI)for all.

    Although some items humans use money to purchase have a very elastic supply (anything digital) some items are not. The most significant is of course housing. The demand for good housing in areas people want to live will be market based. If two people want a particular property the person with GMI plus will be able to pay more then the person with just GMI. With that in mind, if everyone has a base X salary than this will essentially be 0 when considering these non-elastic supply items. To say it another way, the 0 score for the SAT is 500 (or whatever it is now) no matter what you make the minimum score it is still 0 for comparative purposes.

    Or to put it more crudely: The vast majority of humanity is trying to put themselves in the best position to sleep with the hottest woman(or man) possible. Money is nothing more than one of the factors that helps with being more attractive (yeah yeah love is free blah blah). With all other attractive features being equal the person with GMI plus will not sleep alone.

    If you do not want to live in a highly desired areas and consume generic items and digital products then a GMI will work. Otherwise the person with more money (no matter the number) will get what they want first.
  • Nov 10th, 2016 @ 8:14am

    Facebook just made the polling bad

    Many rational Trump supporters just stopped commenting on things because of the arguments it caused on Facebook. Sure we all have a few friends that reveled in the firebomb throwing but I for one stopped letting my view be heard because I was at a significant disadvantage. My argument could not be put done in a sound bite. For instance: "The unregulated flow of illegal immigrants into the country is causing a strain on local government resources and preventing low skilled works from getting jobs at reasonable wages. This combined with no longer pushing assimilation is fracturing the communities"
    Response: You RACIST!!!
    At which point I just turned it off and never let on who I was voting for. Granted anyone who talks to be enough knows full well where I stand on many issues.

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