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  • Jan 22nd, 2014 @ 12:30am


    I pray that I don't get thrown out this time as I was commenting on the real issues that are surrounding...the NSA and who they are affliated with...try the CIA...which belongs to the "Secret Society" the "Skull & Bones" which like the "IIIuminati Group"...which are Satinsits Groups that have been controlling a lot of things within out government...the NSA is within the group CIA which is in the group "Skull & Bones" think there are only three presidents that didn't belong to these groups the first is FDR...the second one was Harry Truman and the third one is, Obama, and what people that are within Congress...the House and The Senate...who belong to these, the President has to be very careful as to how he handles things or they could kill him like they did Kennedy...the truth don't have to defend itself...that is why, dear, Dianne Fienstine says it is professional...she is stating that...because she cannot go out of boundaries think of this...that Thomas Jefferson..and a friend of his began the Satinists Group...the many people that are rich belong to...that is why...people like Rick Perry....has not helped the middle class nor the poor or the needy. this is within our own the reason...they are not doing anything to that creep, Snowden, which by the way...I think he should be brought back to this country to be charged with treason...but, the NSA who is affliated with the CIA won't let that happen...because they are within that Satinitic Group the "Skull & Bones" and that is where his protection lies..but, to think that this idiot has endangered all the undercover agents lives and their families lives...really gets next to me...but, Rand Paul....who belongs to the group the NoZe Group who are anti-
    Christs...believes the reason we are all having our problems is the fact we are not worshiping the rich...these Secret Societies only are for the rich...and they will protect people within their Societies...and the NSA is within the CIA which is part of the group..."The Skull & Bones"...and by the way your Mafia controls all of the Utility Companies...and part of that is the computers that you are on everyday...that is part of the communication the Gas and the Electric, what is new...any President that doesn't belong to these groups have to watch how they handle things believe me or they would be killed by them...just like JFK was killed by the group..."The Skull & Bones"...old man Bush belongs to it and so did Lyndon B. Johnson...who had a hand into, just go along and do the best you can each day to know that our government is full of different kinds of people and they don't believe in Jesus Christ or God...we have to go along with the system as, that is why a lot of people like us...who would ever do such a thing we would be going to jail for real...but, Snowden, is with the NSA which is part of the CIA...and that is why nothing is being done...

  • Jan 20th, 2014 @ 2:15am

    Why Snowden Isn't Just a WhistleBlower

    This man...put people that were undercover for the government in danger along with their families...who knows a lot of them could have been murdered by now...this makes him worse than a WhistleBlower...for, he needs and should be tried for Treason....there are a lot of people that are undercover in the government and as far as I can see he has put them in doubt...that is very serious and inhumane..

  • Dec 25th, 2013 @ 4:24pm

    About Snowden

    Let him come back as a "WhistleBlower"...and let him think he is going to go free...first of all it is treason when someone takes "Classified Information" about any country...look at, let him thing what he thinks..he is bi-polar...he wants to "trick and fool" all of us and more or less get away with treason...there is a saying..."Give Enough Rope For Someone To Hang Themselves" and they will do it..besides...the C.I.A belongs to the group Skull & of those Secret Societies that is running America and the N.S.A. is the front man for the C.I.A. which by the way...they are the ones that were involved with JFK being killed...old man Bush was head of the C.I.A. IN 1963...believe me that is what is covering up for doubt in my mind...but, lure him over here under the 'WhistleBlower" laws...and he will think he will go free...he will get the surprise of his life..