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  • Apr 14th, 2016 @ 12:32pm


    Nathan F is completely on point. It isn't about legislating math-it is about making possession of that math in certain forms illegal. Those in power are painting encryption with a similar brush to nuclear technology. For instance the physics of nuclear technology is just math but that doesn't make it ok to post detailed equations on how to make it work in any detailed way. And I think most of us are fine with that.

    Here is how I see it could play out.

    1) Make any encryption w/o a backdoor for LE illegal.
    2) Have Apple/Google/MS/Etc... refuse to sign any applications that contain illegal content (which is in place today).
    3) Make creation/possession of non-compliant encryption tools a crime.
    4) Next step would be work closely between companies and govt. to monitor for devices out of compliance (jailbreak phones are now really incriminating). Jailbreak a phone, get put on the no-fly list.

    The part that slays me about this debate is our lead in technology and the jobs/GDP it creates is staggering and right where we need to be to have a successful century as a nation. For anyone to be saying that we need to gut that business by backdooring everything for all international sales is just short sighted as hell.

    The reality is the meta-data plus zero day exploits should be plenty for LE in the foreseeable future to find and convict evil-doers.

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