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  • Dec 19th, 2014 @ 9:57am

    Re: Re:

    What the MPAA members don't realize is that actions like this will kill their revenue streams. The backlash from this type of plan would be that avid movie collectors like me would simply stop buying movies in protest. They already lose more money buying congressmen, and paying law firms than they would ever gain by eliminating a few content downloads.

    That's exactly what happened when the RIAA put invasive copy protection on music. Their sales plummeted and piracy increased until they backtracked.

  • Dec 19th, 2014 @ 9:36am

    Re: MPAA

    The MPAA thinks they will gain some huge windfall by eliminating content downloads. They're morons and they're completely wrong. They have spent far more money paying lawyers, buying congressmen, and researching ways to get around the law than they could ever possibly gain from the miniscule number of college kids downloading movies. The completely incorrect assumption is that those kids downloading movies would actually buy those movies if they couldn't download them. I guarantee they wouldn't. So, the MPAA members will only increase their expenses by pursuing this approach.

    Further, if they continue this insanity many tech savvy movie collectors like me will stop buying movies in protest. I did exactly that when the recording industry was adding insane copy protection to music. Their sales plummeted during those years and they tried to blame piracy. I went from buying 2-3 CDs per week to buying zero for years. When they stopped the insanity, their sales went up again.

    Message to all MPAA members: I buy a LOT of movies. I will completely stop buying movies if the MPAA pursues this insanity. Put a leash on your dogs or you will lose big money.

    Vote with your dollars people.