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  • Feb 28th, 2012 @ 9:00am

    Off topic

    The original point is still valid, don't shift blame. People do have unjustified feelings of being owed content in the manner that they want it, and they feel justified to take whatever action they want to get it.

    The fact that the content providers are doing a bad job of meeting the consumer preferences is fairly obvious. They should, for both our and their sake, provide content in better formats for us. But that still doesn't justify taking that matter into your own hands.

    This is not an issue between "right" and "realistic", it's an issue for the customer between legal and illegal and for the content provider between "good model" and "bad model". You've conflated those two into some "right vs realistic" nonsense.

    Don't violate laws then deflect blame to other parties for not making it easy to get what you wanted. That's 3rd grade logic at best.