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  • Jan 7th, 2012 @ 5:13am

    sopa and pipa bill

    This bill shall not only effect to those who make a living in the US but also the whole world since the very backbone of the internet living in the US. What the lawmaker in the US never considered was this:
    1. These law shall never stopped the piracy, why, here's my own research on how they do it based on a few internet opinion and my own analysis:
    a. Those who did that will use a small handy cam and record the movie in the cinema then do some tweak in their computer and finally sell it either online or offline. It doesn't matter. I had this idea on how the piracy movie was made when I saw a notes in the cinema that said you must not bring any camera at all yet there's no scrutinize search at all for all the viewer. Other method, my guess was waiting the original DVD to be released then ripping and burn it with their legal software, then the pirate will not hesitantly sold it with or without this law comes to affect. What this law can do merely hurt the freedom in the internet. So yes this bill should be killed on the first place.
    b, Hardware tools piracy can be made by either industrial spies or reverse engineering and there's nothing you can do about should they done it outside the US soil. Whenever you sold your car, industrial tech etc those can be done with both I had mentioned about.
    c. This law shall also destroy the only protection of the journalists, whistle blowers have especially on the rogue nation, since these law prevent TOR and many other privacy software that protected them in use. As for me my self the software that I had mentioned on this section will allowed me to reach censored sites that my country made. Well I love when the internet and the information should be free. It always depend on the man behind this information to do about it. I believe about freedom, well the only true freedom and democracy left in the world is behind the net. And 99% people who love their freedom shall do it on the good deeds not the other way around. This can be proven when the anonymous hacker attacked the TOR network in order to detain the child pornographic abuse on the hidden service of TOR.
    d. What can be done to prevent the piracy is to make the movie and many other application made in the US so much more competitive rather making this net killing regulation. One way to do that is to allowed the free and open source programs running and distributed. Using the proprietaries one shall increase the cost of production dramatically and the other way was to make the taxes on the movie maker and every business in USA lower and lower.
    e.These laws should it come to effect shall also can make the open source software in danger. A man like me who has nothing when wanted to make an honest business legally shall rely on the open source and free software and I do believed that so many men out there on the US soil fell the same way as I do. Therefore should this law shall effect not only the freedom of speech, but it also will cost the US economy dearly for this will make a lot of small business not only in US but also abroad like I would like to do it online under jeopardize since the big company can use those laws against us the small business or who just started the business without nothing but merely ideas like my self
    2.The US is the leader of the free country, now wouldn't it will make US a laughing stocks of the nations should these laws be done. While your country frees all other nations under totalitarian regime, yours started your own. Beside in order to freed other nations like China into democracy, you needed to helped all the freedom fighter in China who living under the Great Firewall. And the only way to do this is with the openness in the net.
    3. How to prevent this; why not make a million or 10 millions movement in the Google, Facebook, etc to prevent these bills to become laws. only big guys like the owner of Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc who can make this happened and rallied on the street in the Washington DC. This matter is not about liberals, conservatives or libertarian but this matter to all of us who love the freedom. I shall do this.
    4. This is the election session, so geared up and told everyone that sit on the throne in both houses senate and congress to uphold the people freedom or they shall be ousted in the next election.
    And for Republican especially the right winger should they wanted to replace Obama, then they should kill these bills on this election season. And for Obama, if he wanted to take his second term, he wouldn't have to wait too long with painful campaign. All he got to do is kill these bills and emerge himself as the champion of the US First Amendment. And the rest of the US shall lines behind him and fires their anger to all the GOP presidential candidates except Ron Paul. The calls now run on the GOP House, will or will not they kill this bill before being veto by Obama and either GOP house embrace the OPEN act by Darrell Issa. Please be wise to chose for both parties. The victory and losses lies on one small decision here.