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  • Dec 5th, 2013 @ 5:54pm

    Why use real bullets? (as ADyslexicWalksIntoABra)

    About 5 years ago, around 7am, there was a clearly deranged man staggering down Market Street in SF. This is pretty normal, save for the 8 inch long chef's knife he was waving around that was rightfully freaking out the few people up so early. I watched as maybe 10 police surrounded him, warned him to drop the knife a few times and then counted down from 3...2...1

    And then the shot him.

    With a bean bag from a shotgun type weapon.

    He went down, was handcuffed, and then was taken away in an ambulance.

    I know we are very suspicious of police here, but this seemed like a totally appropriate handling of a potentially dangerous situation.

    Shooting at someone with real bullets in the middle of a crowded area is stupid. Police have beanbags, tasers, and pepper spray for a reason. And if any of those had been used, this would be a non-event.