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  • Feb 11th, 2016 @ 4:35pm

    It's not actually based on the biblical tale...

    Or it is but super-loosely. It's about a boy in a messed up Christian family who's mom goes a little whacko...and it gets very meta the more you play it.

    More importantly, it's Edmund McMullen's masterpiece, so this is sorta up there with Facebook banning The Little Mermaid due to bronze boobies. Or the many challenges of The Catcher In the Rye.

  • Feb 11th, 2016 @ 11:03am

    Not a timebomb.


  • Feb 11th, 2016 @ 10:46am

    Ice cream cone before dick.

    You could also be hungry, or have a predilection for ice cream.

    I think the obsession on fellatio is an American thing. Not exclusively American, but other cultures aren't as fixated about getting their wangs sucked.

    Considering that some cultures are afraid of vagina dentata (cooches with teeth that bite) I think the US is somewhat removed from those, considering we're eager to stuff our puds into orifices that very definitely have teeth, and structure with which to bite down hard.

  • Feb 10th, 2016 @ 6:33pm

    It seems sexual because I as a human being am pretty sexually biased.

    I'm not particularly into fellatio, but it's a painting of a human with feminine features, and so part of my brain processes how much I want to have sex with her. (She's cute, so quite a lot.)

    Objectifying her would be saying that she is only an object for sexual gratification, and not a person with rights. I don't agree with this, but we have a lot of elements of society (including no small number of laws) that do, for instance the restrictions on her abortion and birth control access due to the religious beliefs of others.

    In fact, it is a very anti-erotic culture (thanks to 1500+ years of Judeo-Christian rule) that causes us to regard sex as a gutter-worthy topic, and that thinking about this woman sexually makes us wrong. (And that's conflated with thinking about her as only a sexual object.)

    So long as you still respect her and acknowledge her rights (including the right to not fuck you), it's okay to be titillated by her eating ice cream.

  • Feb 1st, 2016 @ 11:08am

    Is this an admission...

    ...that terrorist has now become a meaningless term of derision? Like liberal and gay?

    Terrorism used to require a modicum of violence.

    Might I recommend Zombie?

  • Jan 30th, 2016 @ 4:36pm

    Foreign language?

    Our intel guys can't speak Arabic or Farsi?

    Not that rare foreign languages haven't been famously used as military encryption. The US use of Native American code talkers served to be the strongest obfuscation of WWII transmitted communication.

    But I don't think any Middle Eastern languages are obscure enough to be implemented that way. I could be wrong. I know a Dane whose family speaks a dying language used only in a single village, not that anyone ever hire the villagers to send obscured communications.

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 8:11pm

    As I said, it's not about deserve.

    Guantanamo is not a blight. Camp delta still exists. We're still detaining and torturing people. This is a thing that continues to go on.

    And any dubiousness of drone strikes is because we choose not to look very hard at it. Though we do like to count bugsplats. (Yes, we really do call drone-strike victims that.)

    The US massacres villages full of children on the intel that there's a village there. Not because there's someone we want to kill, though that would still be horrific. But because we don't know that we don't want to kill them. So we presume that we do. We strike at maximum range without any clear idea of what we're striking at or who it is.

    We could stop the CIA drone strike program today. We'd lose no strategic ground for it and lots of people would have a better year for it. The only reason we don't because our government likes massacring brown people.

    The Islamic State are evil shits. But the US is batting well into the evil shit threshold as well. It's a shitty war and neither side has a moral high ground.

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 2:15pm

    Re: The US starting wars over less

    * in defense of TPP. The Trans-Pacific Partnership

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 2:14pm

    The US starting wars over less

    Obama did opine (in defense of TTP) that our past method of gunship diplomacy was a necessity.

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 1:18pm

    It's not about deserve.

    Maybe it's because I'm more respectful than they are.

    To be fair, at the government level respect is commanded not by gentle regard (or crimes against humanity) but by brute force, and they do seem to be holding territory despite our efforts to depose them.

    And the US continues a drone strike program in at least two theaters that annihilates civilians at a greater rate than gun fatalities in the US, and we continue to detain and torture people without due process. So our own record of humane treatment and war crimes is direly lacking as well.

    The US doesn't have the moral high ground, and we can't really say that the US is even pushing for a more egalitarian system anymore, they're just more subject to pressure.

    So yeah, what members of the Islamic State might do to my family is not very relevant. What the US would do to my family (were I on the other side) is pretty bad.

    And as I noted, my point is not that either one has a derisible name, but that they both engage in derisible behavior. Both really shitty when it comes to confining the devastation and massacre from their conflict to just belligerent forces. In fact both sides seem eager to make a big mess that affects everyone.

    I think that if I point that out without mocking them in the meantime, it keeps the focus on aforementioned mess.

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 12:05pm

    Who gets that money?

    It won't be the people.

    It won't go into the general fund of the USG.

    In fact, the TPP establishes the authority and sovereignity of our new insect overlords, so calling it the US economy at that point is debatable. That's not taxable product.

    So yeah, shennanigans.

  • Jan 29th, 2016 @ 11:54am

    Calling The Islamic State "Daesh" or whatever.

    When I'm talking about ISIL or any entity, I'm inclined to name them by a neutrak or respectful term since I want to focus on my specific point.

    The Islamic State is an organization intent on global conquest and the erection of a society against which I have clear conflicting interests (given I want a society that celebrates pluralism and social equality). Giving ISIL a name would only distract from this point.

    I do think it is appropriate to mock methods such as Hollywood Accounting since that serves as a mnemonic and shorthand of a terrible practice. Hollywood accounting is cause to despise the MPAA and IP law, and is part of an argument.

  • Jan 20th, 2016 @ 10:42am

    My senator speaks

    From the Senator of California, Dianne Feinstein

    Dear Ms. [REDACTED]:

    Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

    First, please know that as a U.S. Senator, I carefully review each free trade agreement that comes before me to ensure that the best interests of American workers and businesses are served, and that the agreement will not adversely affect the U.S. economy, human rights, labor rights or environmental standards.

    After seven years of negotiations, on October 5, 2015, the participating nations announced that an agreement had finally been concluded. The TPP is a free-trade agreement among 12 countries including, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the United States. The agreement cannot come into effect until it is approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    As you may be aware, I voted in favor of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)—otherwise known as fast-track authority—because it granted the President the ability to finalize important trade legislation, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

    Under Trade Promotion Authority, the President must notify Congress at least 90 days before signing the agreement, and text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership must be made public for at least 60 days prior to signing the agreement. On November 5, 2015, President Obama notified Congress of his intent to sign the trade agreement, and the full text of it was made available to the public. The text can be found on the United States Trade Representative's website http://ustr.gov.

    At this time, my staff and I are carefully reviewing every aspect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I believe that expanding trade with our neighbors while balancing our domestic priorities is in our national interest. However, if I come to the conclusion that the agreement would negatively affect California, I will not hesitate to oppose it.

    Please know that I have taken careful note of your views on this important issue, and I will keep your thoughts in mind as I review the final text of TPP.

    Again, thank you for your letter. I hope you continue to keep me informed on matters of importance to you. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C., office at (202) 224-3841 or visit my website at www.feinstein.senate.gov. Best regards.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

    Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website, feinstein.senate.gov. And please visit my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

  • Jan 8th, 2016 @ 12:28pm

    A "good idea"...

    While standing firm on your talking points may preserve some of your followers in the short term, the rest of us recognize it as manipulative and antagonistic, since it's regarding the people as a collective force to be managed, rather than individuals to be engaged.

    Addressing the grievance and negotiating or solving the problem works in the long term because it demonstrates you're willing to engage the public as persons with their own rights and agency.

  • Dec 17th, 2015 @ 10:42pm

    See. This could come true after all.

    How difficult would this stuff be to make? Is there horse urine or pig insulin involved?

    IANAP so I don't have any idea of the starting capital we'd need to make a non-profit factory that produced the stuff and sold it at exact cost.

    Is it even feasible? Are we talking ten million dollars here?

    Can it be Kickstarted?

  • Dec 17th, 2015 @ 11:13am

    A true Christmas gift would be to get these people their meds.

    Is there a way to use this fraud charge to drop the HIV treatment drug to the public domain? And to guarantee it to all who need it at cost?

    The next step is to fix the system so that all rarely-needed drugs are available without gouging, but that's a stone too big to fit on Santa's Sleigh, I think.

  • Dec 17th, 2015 @ 12:57am

    Copyright SWATting?

    Since websites like Facebook and YouTube seem to act autonomously and consistently, then yes, it's a matter of creating an autonomous macro that will result in the desired effect.

    e.g. DMCA, remove notice. Repeat until target account is permanently banned.

  • Dec 15th, 2015 @ 1:18pm

    There is a happy ending to this story, of course.


    a) Phillips realizes quickly they boobed and fixes things with proper degrees of contrition or...

    b) Hackers (read: competitors) come to the rescue, provide working unofficial fixes and teach everyone that when you're a professional pirate, you're always in the best of com-pan-eeeeeeeeeeee!

    Note the whole Keurig-cup DRM affair (of which Phillips was on the opposite side of the debacle).

  • Dec 14th, 2015 @ 12:07am

    Presuming a fertilized egg creates some interesting problems.

    Naturally, most fertilized eggs fail to implant, which, if you consider them as legal persons, it should be the state's responsibility to salvage, even if they are not able to completely form into a functional self-sustaining human being (which is often the case).

    There's actually dozens of places where the development process can fail, and it would be the state's responsibility to guarantee life by intervening.

    One of the things that none of the alleged pro-life activism fronts have done is invest in ectogenic technology (e.g. artificial wombs) because, yeah, guaranteeing every zygote passage from their natural mother to an artificial womb, and guaranteeing the mother that the process is safe and cheap (or footed by the state) would solve a lot of the whole controversy.

    But since no-one wants to explore that option (or any other than abortion obstructionism), I'm pretty sure that the general belief is that a child is punishment for having sex.

    Especially considering that none of these groups are interested in the welfare of the child once it breathes air.

  • Dec 11th, 2015 @ 1:25pm

    When the cook is a spy, his delicious lemon tarts are a secondary consideration

    Yes, they did a lot to improve the Windows 10 GUI, and a good interface can make or brake an application (or an operating system).

    But that's not the problem with Windows 10. The problem with Windows 10 is that it is the very definition of malware, an engine of betrayal to its end user in the interests of Microsoft.

    And Microsoft has pretty much announced in their TOS and EULAs that they're to watch everything they do and use all that data against you whenever they feel like it.

    It makes me wonder if botnets could try propagating by attaching themselves to swanky operating systems.

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