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  • Sep 10th, 2013 @ 3:02am

    (untitled comment)

    Ummmm...Don't think so btrussell. Since I'm 46 I am not a little flower anymore who needs no one to do anything for me , hence I've been nice and I have also kick some ass in my lifetime . I don't know Azure anymore than I know you, but at least Azure makes some sense!

  • Aug 29th, 2013 @ 2:58am

    Statutory Rape

    Ok, not sure if the people commenting here are more men than women, or both. I have only told 1 person this in my whole life and felt the need to comment, but here it goes. From a woman's point a view who is now 46 looking back at her 10th (14-15yrs old) grade high school life. I had a gorgeous male typing teacher (28yrs old) that I had an infatuation (love for me at the time) on. This mas was married , no kids. I was emotionally more mature than my age. When I was 23-24yrs old my best girl friend was 40yrs old and to this day we still are best of friends, she is now 63. I had been kicked out of my home with my parents and out of the school I was in, and was living with an older married sister in a different state. I am the youngest of 6. Back to my story. I began a new school in a different state. I was in love with this teacher. I pretended to have a lot emotional distress (although I had a few problems, I did everything and anything to get his attention. I made it worse than it really was)so he would pay more attention to me. He spent a lot of time talking with me and trying to help, he was so kind. I knew he was attracted to me, you know, you can just tell. Anyway, I would have easily had sex with him, since this was 30 yrs ago and my age, I didn't know of anything called statutory rape, guessing he did though. No matter what I did or said he would not go so far as to even kiss me. If this man would have decided to have sex with me, it would have been mutual. I wanted a relationship with him, he did not apparently. I knew exactly what I was doing and to this day, I still knew what I was doing. After time had passed a little, I ended up quitting school. (Btw, I am a college graduate.) If things would had turned out a little different and we did have sex, that man would have been not to blame what so ever! That is what I wanted. If we had, and he would have been caught somehow and was going to be sentenced to any amount of jail, a ruined career, marriage and so on, it would have completely devastated me and I would have done anything in my power to convince the courts or anyone one else involved it was not rape in any way or means. Would I have considered suicide? I really don't know, but if I would not have, I would still be feeling horrible to this day if he had to serve a ridiculous jail sentence. I have never posted here, but felt the need for a few of you to realize you don't know the whole story and you never will. I lived it and few have such an experience so I thought maybe a little insight from a different point of view could not hurt for such a sensitive case. People please don't say rude things to me, it's not easy telling a world of strangers something you have only told your closest, dearest friend. I can not change the past, and the past has made me who I am. I feel I'm a decent person, raised a terrific 27 yr old kid, have a awesome a career and have been with my husband for 16 yrs. Thanks for hearing me out, and please don't judge me. Just remember sometimes things are not always as they seem.
    Respectfully, L