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  • Apr 14th, 2013 @ 5:57pm

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    Could someone please tell me, how this law would actually protect our businesses and people from 'cyber attacks' in the first place? Let's see... Chinese hackers... Which means they are from China... I do not think China would extradite a Chinese hacker for prosecution under US law, even if CISPA does pass. In the end, this law simply will give the government legal rights to spy upon it's own citizen's online behavior, and not protect our businesses from the actual threats. Let's face it, the majority of cyber attacks would be conducted from countries in which the United States has no jurisdiction or extradition treaty. If anything, they would be coming from people sponsored by the very governments of said countries. The USA is a rather big target for a lot of nations across the world. This law would only screw over our own citizens, it would not 'protect' us or our businesses. The United States and it's people seem to forget that their laws only apply to their own country, and the internet is global. There are a lot of countries that do not like the United States. All a hacker has to do, is go into one of those countries to try to hack stuff, and, they are untouchable under any law the USA makes. This law is nothing more than anti-privacy that screws over Americans. Do not buy into the rhetoric that it is for protection.