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  • Aug 26th, 2012 @ 8:06am

    copypasta of a relevant article I typed. (as Jaume de la Vega)

    Now among websites lies the 'lie' that adblock is endangering them.

    Really they are endangering themselves.

    Nowadays advertising is subcontracted to advertising companies, for webmaster comfort, not user.

    Ad's loaded from AD farms coming all of them from a same source (adclick, doubleclick...) are extremely easy to

    block using wildcards or I.P. blocking

    Those Ad's are bloked not just because AD=Evil, but because, those AD's are shoddily implemented on page's html,

    usually bloking the load of the genuine website because subcontracted company is not providing the AD fast enought.

    In a ideal world, AD's would be placed at the END of main.html so they load last, and not hinder page load, because

    even a non intrusive AD could (and must) be blocked if it slows page load to a crawl.

    On another hand, if the subcontracted AD farming service decides to go greedy and begins to host adware, trojans or

    the like, the virus delivering page for the final user would be yours, not the ADfarm, also you could be subject to

    legal liability, or vigilante hacking.

    Reality: A banner linking to an advertised site, could/should/would take less than 50KB of disk space, load/render

    in less than a second on client browser, and lack any bloated javascript hindering the user browsing experience.

    I think it's the time to abandon the adware bloated obstrusive ADfarms in favor of a light not-worth-blocking-effort

    end-user advertising.