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  • Jun 8th, 2011 @ 2:56pm

    Using Qik To Salvage Videos After Police Confiscate Cameras and "Roid a cops"

    Activists Using Qik To Salvage Videos After Police Confiscate Cameras
    Excerpt (a link to the software is at the above cited page):
    "As police continue to blatantly steal and destroy cameras from citizens without any legal authority whatsoever, it is essential to store our video footage online so it can accessed regardless of what happens to our cameras.

    At this time, the most popular method to do this is through the Qik mobile phone application."

    End of excerpt from:
    Activists Using Qik To Salvage Videos After Police Confiscate Cameras

    I had started investigating issues like this over five years ago and had corresponded with a woman that started an advocay foundation after her son was shot dead with 48 bullets, by 9 San Francisco policeman.

    She told me that she believes the majority of police are good men, trying to do a tough job. And that she thought the real problem with law enforcement is the censored but common practice of "steroid abuse". Since then, I had posted a few blogs about is with "Roid a cops" in the subject title. They do need editing (I have macular degeneration), but the reference material is all solid and vetted. Using the search terms "roid a cops" can yield various results, because of the way Google *and others) have re-constructed their search engines. One example is posted as a blog at my Myspace profile
    Blog title;

    Taser Deaths and Roid a Cops - Epidemic of Police Brutality & Steroid Abuse

    Partial excerpts from the above cited blog follow:

    Watch this CBS news video that I call
    "Roid a Cops".
    It has a short commercial introduction

    "CBS News Documentary: Police Brutality & Steroid Abuse
    CBS news video is posted at:

    he is a lot of reference material at this blog
    "Roid a cops", with an in depth perspective of the facts.
    Including a link to the Harvard PhD in the CBS video
    and "Mesha", a black woman. Her son was shot 48 times
    by 9 San Francisco cops. She started a police accountability
    organization with the money from the wrongful death suit
    changes the police training in SF and says "the majority of
    policeman are good people trying to do a dangerous job with
    little thanks. A report called "Broken System" is also linked
    in at the blog that documents less than 5& of the policeman in
    Chicago were responsible for over 50% of the reported cases of
    police abuse. They are "un-accountable" by contract, as with
    most American cities.Mesha is one of my top friends at this profile.