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  • Mar 14th, 2013 @ 1:44am

    (untitled comment)

    This sucks... i heard about this game coming out like 3 days before it launched..
    I would of pre-ordered it right there but my PC crashed and i needed another one.
    I'm glad that this happened to me as i learned of the DRM from a YouTube video.
    I have a crappy internet connection in my house its OK most times but it drops often...
    Also this is the kinda game that you play in a car or on a plane. you bring the PC to Friends to show what you build

    Just cause Mult-player was something People asked for it didn't mean you should alienate all the people that want offline (or anytime duh!! i mean i payed for it. but whatever

    I would of bought your game EA but now i will boycott all of your games.

    Mass effect was my fav game by bio ware and Microsoft studios. when i played ME2 i knew something was wrong and learned it was EA..
    The greed in this Company is sad. Every game they make now cost more just to get everything we should get.

    How is EA so entitled that they think we will just bend over and take this crap. Its my money if i want to buy your game and lend it to a friend i should be able to.

    I hate to see Simcity die but if it takes down EA i'm all for it

    EA sucks and have ruined every game they get a hold of

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