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  • Mar 19th, 2012 @ 11:55am

    Re: Stay Away From DRM

    I am a technical consultant at File Secure Pro, a drm vendor. FSP's drm technology is flexible and provides file-sharing capacity for authors that understand the Internet. DRM has been abused by large media and publishing companies. SOPA and PIPA are irrational. I think in the future we will see a combination of drm and Creative Common licensing as well as more indie ebook authors splitting off from publishers. DRM can make the difference between commercial success or failure of a new indie author. Once the author's ROI is met, realistic free distribution is a simple permissions step within our product.

  • Mar 19th, 2012 @ 6:06am

    ReDigi and flexible file-sharing DRM

    I might understand Hollywood IF it were a single, obscure indie ebook author seeking commerical success, but this is just spray and pray tactics. Another victim is ReDigi. Capital Records file suit against the music file-sharing tech company. ReDigi's system is clever and creates an entire secondary market for music files, but that's not good enough for big music. I consult for File Secure Pro. We protect PDF files with flexible drm. Since the Megauploads and SOPA/PIPA issues hit critical mass, my Google alerts box has exploded with complex IP battles. Google's senior counsel, William Patry is skeptical about a copyrighted digital creative market, but his primary role is policy at Google! The first-sale doctrine could be modified, but apparently all the middlemen need to pay their mortgages.