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  • Jan 18th, 2012 @ 6:23pm

    Another Purpose

    One might wonder if there is another purpose of a bill that would force sites back to "narrow casting" i.e. no linking to
    other sites with further information. This also means no re-
    posting of copyrighted material. Money in politics is needed to pay for access to the narrow casters - broadcast tv and radio conglomerates along with the big name cable/satellite
    news shows providers. If these were boycotted because of the
    political ads (I'll watch your deodorant commercials but not
    your "candidate infomercials") the money is useless. Social
    media would then rule the political discourse and not Super-Pacs. Your actions would dislodge the supremacy of these companies to control our government. This is a real threat to an established order. You people participating on
    this site and others really have that power - for now.