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  • Jul 11th, 2012 @ 11:11am

    Like they really need another reason

    Well thank you very, very, very, very much Mr. Reid.#@!

    As if the MAFIAAs need more incentives to perpetuate copyright.

    Now that you’ve drawn their attention to the fact that radio waves are travelling through space to be intercepted by anyone/thing out there I’m sure the collective pea brained MAFIAAs will use this to get perpetual and more draconian copyright laws enacted to make up for these lost sales.

    Copyright alone will need to be extended to cover the duration of the existence of the radio waves to the farthest star.

    As an example:
    A planet near Gamma Pavonis, a mere 30 light years from Earth, will only now be receiving broadcasts from the eighties and to cover the 125 years of copyright they will need to extend copyright for another 60 years, round trip to Gamma Pavonis, making it 185 years here on Earth.

    BUT according to NASA, the Hubble telescope can see a star 3.26 million light years away.


    Anybody up for copyright lasting 6.52 million years? Or more?

    And yesterday we thought SOPA and ACTA were bad…..

    Thanks a lot Mr. Reid.

    As Stan Lee would say “N’uff said”