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  • Feb 2nd, 2013 @ 2:38pm

    Google needs some help here

    Chris, I enjoyed your post. Your discussion and expectations of Google highlight a contradiction I've wanted to point out but didn't know where. This is the spot. :-)

    It's nice when Google stands up for the rest of us. But you know, sometimes it needs help. On net neutrality say: Google's position hasn't changed. I'm sure it doesn't want to pay for transit unnecessarily. But where is the effecive public pressure saying 'we want net neutrality?' Every few weeks there's another major news article about how big, bad, rich Google is taking X and not paying for it, where X is bandwidth, news articles, infringing music, illegal videos, etc. etc.

    Google has a lot of outstanding disagreements with the EU. It sounds like the EU wants to redesign Google's search results pages now. Google has to buy off some of the disagreements or they'll lose on every issue because they're big, bad, rich, and uncooperative. They can't fight the world and win, they need some friends. If they think they have to buy off the telecoms and newspapers to avoid a Government-led redesign, well gee maybe the rest of us should, I dunno, do something about that if we don't like it?

    Why is it in Google's enlightened self-interest to fight these battles when so few people care, and even fewer people care to change the law to encourage the better outcomes?