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  • Jul 30th, 2009 @ 4:03pm

    Not finding anything awful on FDI..

    I spoke today with Steve Schultz and have confirmed more information with the Master Distributor (Dale Johnson) at FDI. The Telecom announcements being made in 2 weeks are very marketable, especially in an economy like this.

    The US being the 63rd (maybe 62nd?) country that this telecom company is launching in makes me feel good - phones and service has been in use over here for years, just not yet in the states.

    Global Verge vs FDI (as I see it)

    GV = tons of negative press and lots of unanswered questions and a history of misinformation (trying to be nice)

    FDI = can't find any dirt

    GV = $79.95/mo for unlimited cell service

    FDI = $30/mo for unlimited cell service

    What would my mom and brother and friends choose? Hmm

    Very open to new information - please email me any pertinent info and I'll repost as necessary.