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  • May 21st, 2010 @ 9:21pm

    Just what the doctor ordered!

    Despite being an optimistic futurist who believes we are living in times of "accelerating change," some times I can't help but get frustrated, discouraged and even down right negative when it comes to decisions made by various politicians, industries, etc.

    So I am pleased to see you stepping back and reminding all of us to take a step back and recognize that many of these battles we fight, though important, are ultimately only road-bumps along an evolutionary path that seems to be all but inevitable.

    I certainly identify with the "rational optimist" label and can confidently say I am one. With that said, I do believe that could be making our lives a lot harder than they need to be. Although I don't doubt that many doom-and-gloom economists will be proven wrong, I do think the U.S., among others, is in real danger in the short to mid-term.

    The laws of economics are being re-written and EVERYTHING will change more quickly than most think, making many predictions based on outdated economics irrelevant. Ultimately, the importance of nation-states based on geographic boundaries may fade, but until then, the fact that we are not only spending our way into oblivion, but doubling down on the folly by undermining many of the key tenets that drive innovation, is disconcerting.

    I believe in free will, and if it were not for those of us pushing back against the neo-luddites (often disguised as pro-science and/or pro-innovation), who is to say that we may not (temporarily, at least) jeopardize a brighter future for man kind. After all, while progress and innovation cannot be stopped, but only delayed, we could miss the boat, and that would be a shame!