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  • Mar 9th, 2012 @ 2:27pm

    (untitled comment)

    "The big problem with them, is that there marketers are not putting anything useful behind them yet. If they start putting coupons behind them there could be more incentive to scan them, but as it is now, you will usually just be taken to there website."

    I have a perfect example to illustrate your comment. I was in a big box store looking at appliances. I had a couple of questions and after searching in vain for an employee to help, I thought I would try out the QR on the product tag.

    Searched for an app. Check. Download app. Ok done. Scan code.. and voilą! Took me straight to the company generic marketing site. Nothing specific about the product I wanted to learn about.

    Delete useless app and curse all parties involved for wasting my time. Double check.

  • Feb 20th, 2012 @ 2:24pm


    I'm going to put aside the perception of Amazon or iTunes being just a "download service," because many have already pointed out how untrue that is.

    What I don't get is why are musicians even bothering with retail anymore? I'll admit I don't know much about the industry, but I rarely see consumers at the big box retailers thumbing through music. In fact, our Best Busy has drastically reduced the music foot print in several of our area stores.

    If musicians did not sell their music at physical stores, wouldn't that be a huge savings? The artists wouldn't pay for packaging/manufacturing, retail profit, distribution and whatever else is associated with having a physical CD. Of course there is still the costs of marketing and production, but I would think you could decrease your costs by concentrating on one medium.

    And if a musician decides to sell on though digital means, what is the importance of a label beyond being an investor? Is the current function and influence of traditional labels even relative anymore? Couldn't a new group of investors accomplish the same?

    If the industry feels percentages are too high.. partner with someone who you feel is reasonable or do what every other retail product does and factor that into the final costs.

  • Feb 20th, 2012 @ 12:21pm


    Why do these David Lowery types keep using the term "new model'? Did they have amnesia for the past decade? Were they abducted by aliens?

    Someone needs to catch-up these poor guys. I'll start.

    It's called the "internet." On this newfangled "internet" you can sell your own service and/or products which is called "ecomerce." You can go with a company that already has a online "store" like iTunes or you can hire a professional to "develop" your own "store." These "store" allow people all over the world to buy your service and/or products! Wait.. there's more.. if you make the most out of this "internet", you might even be recognized by "search engines" like "Google" for your efforts!!

    What's more, if you do not want to participate in this newfangled technology.. you don't have to!! That's right.. there are still a ton of people out there who are more than happy to take advantage of your refusal to join us in 2012.

  • Feb 16th, 2012 @ 2:44pm

    Ok.. enough is enough

    I just finished listening to Hackford's nutty rant and I've had it. Congratulations Hackford, you've put me over the edge enough to sign-up and post a comment directed at you and all of the Chris Dodd/US Representative types.

    First off, I'm not an "engineer." What I am is smart enough to ask questions and wrap my brain around the answers. Not to mention capable of researching and finding all angles of a story.

    I'm insulted by the repeated insinuation of the film and movie industry that I couldn't possible come up with a conclusion all on my own. You want to know what part Google plays in all of this? Google allowed me to conduct my research. Google didn't suppress either side nor completely block my access to information.

    Do you want to know what the biggest shocker you'll learn about me? I am not into piracy. Yep.. that's right.. I don't want your crappy music or movies for free. You want to know what else I don't do? Regularly purchase movies/music or go watch movies. That's right, I haven't purchased music in the last five years and last year I attended the movies once. It's obvious that the industry doesn't care, but I'm just going to go ahead and say what I want. A theater experience where I don't feel like my family was robbed in broad daylight. Entertainment that is portable. Ability to actually own what I purchase. Entertainment that is flexible enough that I'm not trying out some Houdini tech move just because I got a wild hair to listen to music on my iPod while I work out.

    Lastly, and more importantly, I do not want you Director Guild/MPAA/RIAA types to have the authority to randomly suppress internet content or my voice. Once you start shutting down sites deemed "rogue" where does it stop? Prosecute people who access "rogue" sites? Let's be honest with ourselves. There are already a chocking number of copyright laws on the books. The industry didn't need bills like SOPA or PIPA. The industry already has enough control.. just not ultimate control.