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  • Sep 15th, 2010 @ 5:45pm

    Look at the big picture

    Think Craigslist is being singled out? Consider this:

    Craigslist has more sex industry ads around the world, and in the US, than any other entity.

    Craigslist's sex industry ads are just a click away from where a child might go to shop for a used bicycle.

    Craigslist has been making millions of dollars on these ads.

    Craigslist promised to use the money they made on these ads to clean it up, but they didn't. State AGs are not happy about being duped.

    Those going after Craigslist are not big corps. They are dozens and dozens of small nonprofits who fight for women's rights, children's rights, etc.

    If you don't buy trafficked children on Craigslist, it might seem strange that they are being "singled out." But if you are a trafficker, or a formerly trafficked person, or a john, you will know that Craigslist has been rightfully chosen as THE target for cleaning up trafficking. They're the goliath of human trafficking worldwide, the largest red light district in the world.