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  • Feb 21st, 2013 @ 2:36pm

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    I think Mike's point here was how misinformed Ray was about the panel he was to be sitting on and how some of the business models work for new tech. My understanding was that this was to be an opportunity to discuss how artists could make money using new tech not a chance to complain about an issue that has been debated to death. Many artists have come to embrace the new opportunities that are accessible to them with the information age and not just tried to find ways to fit old square pegs into new round holes. It's a totally new mind set and the interesting part is that many of the folks that are bitter are unknowingly in effect arguing in favor of system that they once held in contempt. There were so many ways that artists particularly musicians never saw a dime from what they made in the past. Most musicians never knew that they were never making any money off those neat like get 12 tapes for a penny models from Columbia House and BMG back in the day.
    The point being there are many folks out there that want to discuss these new business models not as an alternative to piracy but strictly as a new way to do business. These are some of the ridiculous statements that are being made by folks who don't decide to find a way to focus their energies into a productive manner and rather come up with knee jerk reactions such as Bruce Dickenson and Gene Simons stating that bands giving their music away for free is causing them to lose money because then all the listeners are only going to listen to free music. Well maybe that's true but so what. To bad that's a personal decision on the listeners end. No where does it say that you are obligated to make money for classifying yourself as a musician. You do have the right to be expected to be paid for you music if that is what you want and that is the model that you follow and you do have legal recourse to stop "piracy" of your music as you always have. Actually you have more ability to do so now because it's not me handing my buddy a dubbed tape anymore. It's there it's in the "authorities" face that it is being provided outside of your requested format, but although Google and Youtube are required to protect your interests they are not required to give you a profitable platform. So if you have a problem with someone posting a DK album on Youtube by all means take action to have it removed, but Youtube does not have any moral obligation to cater to you and keep that material there and find a way to pay you.