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  • Feb 23rd, 2013 @ 1:21pm

    My experience with Mercy Hospital in Springfield

    I was in a wreck July of 2011, I was a little sore, but the ambulance driver kept telling my I might have internal injuries so I agreed to take the ambulance 2 blocks to the hospital.

    I get there and they rush me straight back to do a ct scan, and an xray. I tell them I am okay and don't want all of these tests, but they tell me they need to do them anyway.

    I was in the hospital about an hour and a half

    Well as I knew, I was just fine, until two weeks later when the bills started arriving. I was expecting a couple thousand dollars, but my bill was 11,300 for the hospital and 1800 for the ambulance. My car insurance covered $1000.00

    I am paying about 300 a month and will be for a very long time.