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  • Feb 15th, 2011 @ 8:57am

    (untitled comment)

    All I really see, is the lack of any domains registered that fall under US control. I know that our clients are quickly snatching up all of the ".co" domain extensions for their products and I wouldnt be surprised if more and more companies just use the .com to re-direct to a site that is hosted elsewhere.

    The US is quickly showing that it can and will do whatever it wants, regardless of the laws in place to protect the innocent. I am scared for our future.
  • Aug 4th, 2009 @ 2:04pm

    (untitled comment)

    Blizza'vision is making a lot of community rampages since the merger, and hurting your fan base... your most loyal ones at that, is never a good thing.
  • Jul 21st, 2009 @ 8:44am

    I think this comic sums it up nicely

  • Jul 7th, 2009 @ 11:00am

    (untitled comment)

    Its nice to see someone like Arnold in California recognize that insane taxation drives business away. It is also nice that Amazon is not scared of taxation legislation and is large enough to just "drop" affiliates that will be a hassle and put a damper in political grabs for "free" money.
  • Jun 25th, 2009 @ 4:21pm

    (untitled comment)

    wow, just .... wow.....

    courts need to throw this crap out.



    lettuce mix up some salad.....

    sue me
  • Jun 16th, 2009 @ 7:18am

    Re: Re: Re:

    "I mean, have any of you downloaders ever sent a check to an artist directly with a note saying, "even though I downloaded your last five albums free, I value your music so much that I wanted to pay yo something for them." Doubtful"

    Actually I was listening to a psy-trance mix from a DJ named Howard Hughes, I went to his website, and he had EVERY CD for sale 'except' the one I was listening to on the internet radio station I PAY MONEY FOR (you dick)...

    I emailed the artist, sent him a paypal for $50 (he asked for ONLY $5) and he sent me his ENTIRE collection of CD's pay and not for sale, as well as a lot of unpublished works.

    Making broad & general statements will nail ya... and do I, as a responsible, HARD WORKING adult, feel that I am breaking the law by nabbing up a few CD's or Movies...

    do i feel that its unethical....

    If milk were $18 a gallon, i would make copies of it to with my particle duplicator... just sayin'

  • Jun 15th, 2009 @ 3:28pm


    3-9 Money spent on popsicles & candy from the icecream man

    9-12 Money spent at the grocery store on cotton candy & skittles

    12-17 Money spent on DVD's & CD's

    18-24 Money spent on DVD's & Nintendo Games

    25-30 Money spent on XBox360, Mail order Media (Netflix) & DLC (downloadable content for the kids on xbox)

    30-35 Money spent on house upgrades, tile, floors, new roof

    35-40 Replaced air conditioning, go to dinner more often

    40-45 Buying my kids school stuff, clothing, giving them allowance to start the cycle over again.... only now there is different stuffs to buy....


  • Jun 15th, 2009 @ 3:22pm


    I would absolutely JUMP at an opportunity to share my work, and my passion with a much larger audience. It seems that not only are they complaining, but they are complaining PUBLICLY...

    amazingly they are now getting exposure, negative exposure (if that's even a statement).

    I was raised under the impression that if you do something great, or amazing, that you are driven to share that with others, why is it even important for an artist that creates something beautiful to be paid for contributing to millions of others happiness.

    You make another amazing point, exposure can always be turned into profit by entrepreneurs, and if i see something that gives me a warm fuzzy when I look at it, I will spend money to have a piece of that warmth.

  • Jun 15th, 2009 @ 3:13pm


    The cost is simply to high. I personally pay $30 a month for access to Usenet, two or three $10 lifetime nzb subscription sites, and I have access to every form of digital content on the planet.

    To think that $25 a MONTH for about 15% of a music catalog is ludicrous, and if its DRM free what is to actually stop someone from queuing up the entire catalog, download it, and stop subscribing? Worse even, is that as an adult, i cant remember the last time i listened to a new band or cared if i had access to some garbage i may have heard on the radio throughout all the commercials.

    I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts but the cost just seems excessive given the alternatives out there, and their supposed DPI still cant crack my SSL connections to my news provider.

    I would pay... honestly $5 a month for unlimited music... oh wait, i do pay about $2 a month to DI.FM for unlimited streaming radio stations w/ no commercials or DJ's. AND they happen to carry styles of music I cannot get over the air in my country. The united states does not have a psy-trance radio station, or deep-house over the air. Where might i find that music in a corporate catalog?

    25 dollars is silly.... can i stream it while im at work? will it sync up to my ipod? can i connect it from a friends house who has a rival ISP... they fail to make this a service WORTH paying that much money for, and to then continue down a patch of bullshit disconnects w/out proof is just plain stupid.

    I dont understand how these corporations are so inept that they cant see what is right in front of them..... an audience with disposable income actively looking for the next best thing... give it to us.

    Charge me $100 a month (like the cable i canceled) and let me watch your shows from my computer, let me stream them to my phone, let me download them for my own archives.... i don't want commercials... why would I? everything i download doesn't have them. I want access to every song ever recorded, i want to stream it to my car, to my laptop, to my phone... i want to be able to logon to my Media Portal and show people my favorite shows, i want them to listen to bands i have flagged and songs that they will like.

    I want it to be AWESOME, i want it to be fluid, i want it to be what I WANT...

    to achieve this goal now, i spend a tremendous amount of time and MONEY making this happen.

    $30/month to giganews
    $30/year for nzb index sites
    $0/ to ORB to allow me to stream my downloaded media & share pictures
    $4000/year on RAID upgrades and hard drives, right now I have 9 terabytes of storage in a RAID6 for my ORB

    I have to manually look for my shows, manually find the music i like, manually track down good HD rips of movies & documentaries i like, and then I have to go through and categorize all of it......

    I would pay money for this....screw sharing and torrents I want an interface that allows me to not HAVE to download files. let me stream in HD, let me stream my music... give me categories and a search feature, let me bookmark TV shows and episodes... let me add seasons to my list of "shit i like".... hell give me links to buy the DVD's of shows, and albums of bands or DJ's that I'm into... because i would.....

    i remember thinking yesterday when i walked out of the movie "UP" (yes i went to the movies) and was like... how AWESOME would it be if i could buy this movie right now.... oh wait......

    the whole thing is silly, and this is definitely NOT what people are waiting for to purge them of their sharing habits.... people are looking for a SOLUTION, not a band-aid that costs more than the surgery.

    Im fed up with these half-assed attempts to monetize garbage... we want ALL of it, and we are WILLING TO PAY for it.... nobody out there is willing to agree on a solution and SELL it to the masses.

    Charge me $25... but i better get every track in existence, or you are NOT making it worth my time to pay you. I have an better way to obtain what i want, and guess what... its EASIER.

    Torrents are NOT free, piracy is NOT free, we have to store this junk somewhere, and hard drives cost real money, blank media costs money, powerful computers cost money, high-speed internet costs money... and were willing to pay it to NOT have to pay you.


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