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  • Nov 28th, 2012 @ 11:37pm

    Whose property?

    One way or the other, DRM always ends up requiring that a particular piece of viewing equipment takes action against its owner.

    This amounts to a very serious violation of the equipment owner's property rights.

    It goes further than that. Since nobody will keep putting up with that kind of equipment, DRM also requires outlawing alternative devices.

    And even that is not the end of it. DRM eventually introduces the requirement to have full and continuous root-level control over other people's machines.

    DRM not only requires the own citizens to join up but it also requires bullying other countries into signing up to it. And all of this has to be enforced at gunpoint.

    So, eventually, pushed to the extreme, DRM assumes that a sufficient number of people can be found who are willing to die for someone else's profits. That is obviously where the bluff will end.