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  • Jan 21st, 2012 @ 4:38pm

    Redirecting the fight

    Perhaps, as I've said in other places before, the best way to fight this whole issue is an all out boycott on "Hollywood" products! Imagine if they released a few big budget movies and no one went! Then we are hitting them in THEIR pockets.
    True it would take some time to hurt them, but eventually they would resort to doing something so stupid that our cause would only gain momentum.
    It may currently be difficult to get this ball rolling, but consider the fact that most of the Internet users are quite a lot younger than most of us. They are also the ones that typically go to most of the movies. I myself am 50 yrs old, and rarely go to the theater. It's much easier to rent it when it comes out on disk. Then I can literally "be at home" while watching the movies, hell, I can even have a cigarette or a beer when I wish.
    I believe that if everyone started finding alternative pass times to going to the theater, or buying the latest CD, MPAA and RIAA would quickly back off from pushing all this crap. When it affects THEM things will be different. If it affects them every time they start some shit, they will eventually get the message.
    Just like taking the food away from a dog that bites. Force it to accept hand feeding, and it will quit biting. If these two power groups keep losing their money each time they start roughing our feathers, they will quit doing it. When they quit, the congress will quit, because there's no "pocket" money in it anymore.

    Maybe you think it's impossible to do this, but only a few days ago, everyone though it was impossible to break SOPA/PIPA at this current juntion. But we did... :-)

  • Jan 17th, 2012 @ 3:23am


    End of 2nd paragraph was supposed to read...
    "it would set a framework for the NEXT move against them.

  • Jan 17th, 2012 @ 3:21am

    Re: Sliding it back in under an unrelated

    We know that they will do that, it's their MO all the way. They probably will pass it over until the next election, so an old cliche comes to mind..."The best defense is a good offense".
    If we have enough people in our corner, why not try to drive all the supporters OUT of office. I realize that I'm creating a monumental task here, but even if only a few witches were driven out of Salem, it would send a shock wave through the "good ole boys" community. It would of coarse require the people in the states / districts of these offenders to take up against them, and even if it failed, it would set a framework for the move against them.

    I believe that the key right now is for some of us with time to spare to pay as close of attention to what congress is up to. Pay close attention to EVERY bill meandering through those jaded halls, and reading the fine print between the lines of every sub page. We all know that these weasels like to push "Sheep's Clothing" bills with the wolves at full attention under the clothes.

    The next generation of SOPA/PIPA will most likely be a subpage under some new "jobs act" or something of that nature. They will try to sneak it through without us having time to respond to it. It will most likely be an 11th hour add-on to some bill about to pass congress. This is where we need to be watching. There would be fewer supporters of the next bill if we could find a way to drive a few of the current supporters out of office now. (*next election ) Perhaps naming the local congressional supporters (of PIPA/SOPA) in their home districts before the next election would be a good reminder to the people of who they DON"T want to vote for. Don't the voters forget.

    Personally, I would love to learn how to see these bills currently, all of them, not just the current "kill the Internet" bills. We all need to support our rights while we still have them. If either of these diseased bills pass, then our freedom of press has been vanquished already, since our sites can be pulled down on a whim, without due process.