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  • Jan 31st, 2013 @ 1:44pm


    Did they protest for Crates too?

  • Jan 31st, 2013 @ 12:18pm

    (untitled comment)

    What everyone needs to understand is that the ideas AND designs are submitted by Quirky Members...even the product NAME. Quirky builds off of what has been submitted...they don't just come up with it on their own.

    OXO drawing comparisons and trying to lead everyone to believe Quirky has done the same thing is just absurd. The retracting rake is no more than a copy of an old product. I came across a very old one that someone was using to rake leaves a couple of years ago. It had a wooden handle and a lever to retract the rake prongs. I think the person said it was from the 50's. A Quirky member who used a separate tool to push down leaves after being put in a trashcan wanted to make the process easier by combining tools.

    OXO can't claim rights to folded items too can they? There are many things out there that fold for storage. The example you referenced above is comparing a laundry hamper to a laundry basket. Two separate products, unlike comparing a dustpan to a dustpan. Quirky used my design suggestion for Unhampered (a member submitted name). I never saw or knew about a folding hamper like OXO references. I drew my inspiration from a folding colander which has nothing to do with laundry. I hated having to store laundry baskets because they take up a whole lot of room for nothing. I wanted to be able to tuck it out of the way when it wasn't in use. Who stores a hamper? Don't you literally start filling it back up the same day you empty (assuming you change clothes daily of course)?

    Mini dustpan/broom combos are all over, but without any grooming teeth. How can OXO compare the two products when you can easily find these anywhere? Strangely familiar they say...right. It was just a natural line extension to Broom Groomer.

    Inspiration can come from anywhere, but Quirky's inspiration comes from it's members and the ideas they submit.