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  • May 14th, 2013 @ 9:48am

    florida hoa's

    How would you Love to Buy and Build over 10 years ago so that Your Values were Somewhat Protected after all that is the reason we Pay Dues so some people can Not put their cars or ? up on blocks or block your driveway so you cannot even get "in" your own driveway or let their Property go unattended to and unkept which EFFECTS Everyones Property Values and lete face it Property Values have been Already now Affected Drastically by FLIPPERS and Bad loans and Banks who put people in homes they would Not be able to afford once they the "banks" went UP on their Rates of course this was really all Orchestrated by Our Treasury along with the Banking and Finance..People...anyway we pay over $500 a year and have had a pretty much Defunct Board?? for Many years now our Neighborhood is going the way I've Personally seen Far TOO many because the BOARD or BOARDS that we Pay DUES to EVERY Year have Not been doing what the MAIN MASTER Board gets Paid to do the Sub associations have NO ONE who wants to Serve because they feel why other? If you cannot Enforce ANYTHING what's the POINT? I say then whats the POINT OF PAYING Dues at all?? Then...if they are Not going to TRY to Protect OUR Property Values by ATTEMPTING to Enforce Just the BASICS then we might as well MOVE...which is what WE are trying to do and then NO MORW HOA'S for us and this is over a 30 year "period" in Florida for us and now same old same old in this being the 5th HOA over the past 30 years and 5 homes. I will RUN in Opposite Directon.....and it IS true People who DO get ON A Board do so with a Personal Agenda whether it's to PASS something THEY want to DO on their OWN Property or a Friends or give a Friend some BUSINESS From the Board or like someone else said which is also true they have nothing better to do and feel a sense of Power..there are Those who do care but Very Few.