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  • Dec 13th, 2014 @ 10:00am

    Eric F. Vermote: a true digital pirate!

    On the web it goes without really further developing that digital pirates take strategic measures for them to avoid getting caught difficult to prove in any court; Eric F. Vermote is a good example for that because with his professional IT skills he easily got me wrongly convicted of French Press Defamation in July 2011 for a blog post I released mentioning peer to peer digital piracy he committed and bootlgegging acts of his during 2003-2004 in Maryland implicating his US Government employers NASA & UMD which never worried much about the matter despite the piracy case they were part of really occured but without a trace, "strangely"...(Eric F. Vermote actually entirely denied having ever performed digital piracy in any form in his French Press Defamation Direct Complaint against me in order to keep his jobs as a IT specialist who develops computer softwares for the US Government). Above all this the French authorities don't investigate foreign matters of this type. Another good example related to the international "unfair system" of cases like this one is that no official French word translates for "bootleg" in the French judicial or legal vocabularies...good luck to Ubisoft! I mean it.

  • Jan 21st, 2012 @ 11:38pm

    Eric F. Vermote & his piracy acts

    I am sure that University of Maryland and NASA scientist Eric F. Vermote didn't at all appreciate Megaupload's seizure. Very nice and cool anti piracy "Hadopi" law progress in France - in French: "c'est très "surprenant" tous les web posts laissés comme cela partout sur Internet par des Pseudos Totallement Anonymes comme le votre sur le sujet de piratage... Megaupload = domaine purement et simplement bloqué par le U. S District Court sur décision de grand jury fédéral américain (par opérations du F.B.I). Je m'y attendais depuis très longtemps en ce qui me concerne (lire tous mes web posts en anglais et français); tout cela est fort intéressant pour les créateurs à mon avis : internautes mal avertis contre la HADOPI qu'en pensez-vous maintenant ? Toujours aussi fiers ?

    Voici les graves raisons officielles de la fermeture de Megaupload :

    - violation criminelle de droits d'auteurs
    - complot de racket
    - conspiration de violation de droits d'auteurs
    - association de malfaiteurs en blanchiment d'argent.


  • Jul 6th, 2011 @ 2:54am

    Eric Vermote

    Piracy kills music and movies-the MPAA needs support! Eric Vermote illegally used P2P in Maryland during 2003-2004 (bootlegs & audio files for his car). This man with a IT degree works for NASA & the University of Maryland but went to jail for automobile theft in Florida... he is definitely not at all scrupulous with music too obviously and filed a defamation legal suit in France against me in July 2009 stipulating he never got involved in on-line piracy because he is a manipulative liar & because the case involved never got officially substantiated or couldn't ever be substantiated; my point is that if the Internet had been better regulated by the US government Eric F. Vermote would not have had the opportunity to lie against me and pretend what I accused him of (on-line piracy) is frivolous. On-line piracy cases almost absolutely never get substantiated unfortunately! Damien Bizeau - Classical Music, France.