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  • Nov 19th, 2010 @ 2:39pm

    Re: Re: Um, yes, yes it does...

    You're right, I could argue that... But I won't... Because Coke did it on their own back then, which is why the Pepsi logo and design look nothing like Coke's anymore.

    Again, is that really infringement? Who knows, ask actual consumers. In this case, doubtful because AB can steal market share with ad dollars rather than cheap tricks.

  • Nov 19th, 2010 @ 1:09pm

    Um, yes, yes it does...

    So, here's what kills me about you guys at TD... you have these great ideas, like pointing out that things that are just similar are not always TM infringement, etc., but then you fall back into the bad habit of using yellow-journalism style hyperbole to try and make a point that you don't need to make.

    In this case, of course those two cans look alike... and I'm not just talking about that they both have a dragon on them. The tramp stamp style line work around the product name, the fonts, the damn size... Just like someone else on here said, if I saw those on the shelf, I'd think they were from the same company.

    That said, does that mean it's a TM or Copyright infringement? Maybe, maybe not... but that's for the court to decide.

    I know, you don't get to be funny if you don't blow it out of proportion, but damn... ease up....