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  • Oct 15th, 2019 @ 11:03pm

    Re: Re: Re: 'Hello, police? I'd like someone to be killed.'

    I'm a white middle class, almost middle aged mom and the only way I'm ever calling or cooperating with the police is if I am in a car accident, because insurance requires a police report, or I am a victim or witness of violent crime and have confidence that catching the perpetrator will prevent someone else's suffering, and it's likely they will be caught.
    Cops don't give a shit about victims or solving crimes that require any effort or risk unless they will personally benefit. From a number of personal experiences, cops are quite happy to threaten victims with arrest and criminal charges instead of actually helping them. And that's if you're white, we've seen the horrific videos of black women being tased and violently attacked when trying to get help. And I have seen a racist cop treat a black gentleman who had valuable information like garbage and nuisance while collecting my unhelpful statement politely.
    There is no war on cops; and though I believe in the non-aggression principle, I would understand if there was. Cops choose to escalate situations, put themselves into more risky situations where they must make these split second decisions instead maintaining safe positions- such as inside or shielded by their car doors until they can get a better assessment or more back up. (Seriously, why would you get out of your cop car if a naked man is running towards you and you can't clearly see his hands? Why make a an aggressive physical arrest of a man you think is armed instead of making commands to disarm him safely behind your car door? Those are dumb things to do and they shouldn't be getting a pass for stupidity that resulted in killing another person)
    Maybe if cops actually assumed everyone was armed and competent in using their firearm, they might actually treat people with a little respect and dignity so no one would feel the urge to shoot them in their face. But regardless of the number of guns in the US, most people are not armed, and even the violent criminals that are armed have zero interest in shooting a cop because of the blue rage. Cop killers don't get away, well unless they are other cops.

  • Oct 13th, 2019 @ 12:14pm

    Re: Re: Re: Democrat collusion

    I'm a libertarian, so my trust in the government is very, very limited. So I try to look at every situation with logic, and try to figure out the most likely motivation of the different actors.
    Sure, it could be a partisan attack. However, there is no indication that the evidence supporting the whistleblower has been manufactured or tainted by partisan operatives.
    The CIA specialty is keeping secrets, so for a member to bring a matter to the public's attention is kinda a big deal. Because the CIA has missions all over the world, with a significant amount of resources devoted to watching and countering the Russians, another motivation could be out of concern for operations in Ukraine that would be harmed if the aid they need to keep the Russians at Bay is delayed too long. Russia is already sitting right outside their capital's door in territory they illegally annexed. If Russia detected a weakness and invaded, CIA operatives would be captured. Hearing the president make a clearly politically motivated demand of a nation that needs the US, combined with the surrounding circumstances of an arbitrary hold placed on aid that Congress has appropriated and has met the conditions to be released, that puts dedicated missions at risk is a much more likely motivation. The CIA being motivated out of concern for themselves and their secret missions seems like a stronger motivation than just partisan drive; who knows what their afraid could be revealed by operatives caught by Russia.

  • Oct 12th, 2019 @ 11:31pm

    Re: Re:

    Here's the thing. The oligarch behind Burisma might have thought that by bringing Hunter Biden on that it would garner favor from Joe Biden; after all, it's not a stretch to think other rich and powerful people are corrupt like you. However, that doesn't mean that Joe Biden was influenced in any way by his son's connection. Given the amount of time Biden has been in politics, he probably knew better than to caught up in such obvious corruption. I'm not saying Biden isn't possibly corrupt, I'm just saying that if he is, it's going to take some deeper digging to find.
    Similarly, Russians could have been seeking connections and potential favor with people in Trump's circle (they did) without making any meaningful arrangements or without any of their targets knowing they were compromised. Because Trump is inexperienced and willfully ignorant and chooses to surround himself with questionable people, it's reasonable to investigate to ensure foreign powers like Russia haven't compromised the president.
    And stop the bullshit claims that the impeachment is over a single phone call. There were months of unethical and illegal actions directed by the president which laid out the quid pro quo before Trump would even agree to have that phone conversation. Ukraine needs all the support it can get to ward off Russia, so they aren't going to dare cross Trump. They have already felt the pain of Trump's power by his illegal usurpation of Congressional power of the purse, and God knows what evidence Trump will demand they produce and under what kind of threat.

  • Oct 10th, 2019 @ 2:43am

    (untitled comment)

    "How do you expect....protect you and your family" blah blah blah. I don't expect you to protect us, as you have made abundantly clear that you are under no obligation to protect us.
    "How do you explain to a victim..." How about you demonstrate that you give one iota of shit about victims and ensure that no police department gets away with shoving rape kits the closet to collect dust and run out the statute of limitations.
    And that nonsense about letting your children mingle with strange adults who might groom them... For just a second, let's be real. Who are the people who, statistically, are the most likely to hurt and victimize children? Not strangers! Aside from parents, it's the familiar adults that parents know and trust, like church leaders, coaches, counselors, other family members, friends, scout leaders, teachers and even doctors. I'm not saying that strangers don't find ways to groom children, but statistically, it's the people that kids are supposed to trust and respect and obey.
    Law enforcement needs to get a legislative overhaul that gives it priorities. Decriminalize drugs, prostitution and whatever else consenting adults want to do that doesn't harm anyone else. Legalize all immigration, except anyone with a credible history of violence, so that no one is forced to work under the table-. And I know most people disagree with this but, decriminalize possession of child porn, and refocus efforts to crushing it's production. Production is where children are harmed, and without prohibition of possession, the value of production drops. When law enforcement's goals become bringing justice to victims, including victims of law enforcement, and they dump all the junk science bullshit, we could have this nonsense conversation about encryption again.

  • Oct 6th, 2019 @ 1:43am


    In theory this is not a bad idea. Too bad there's no way to force the payment center to apply your payment towards the fine portion only and not all the other crap. And the penalty is effectively against the vehicle registration, not your driver's license, but I can only assume they would decide entitles them to seize the car for it's debt.

  • Oct 6th, 2019 @ 1:15am


    Don't be an ass. Some people are jerks and drive recklessly. But not most or even many. It's one thing for the cops to pull over someone driving aggressively and quite another to harass and shake down drivers with speed traps ticket machines. No one is made any safer, and there are studies showing these things can actually increase the likely hood of accidents.
    Did you know cops and road crews screw around with the timers and set them so that they don't give enough stopping time specifically to increase violations? And sometimes they even mess around the timers of multiple lights in order to frustrate drivers and increase the likely hood of running red lights and speeding further along that route that falls in within city limits. Like Newark, or Newport or Elsemere.

  • Oct 6th, 2019 @ 12:49am

    Re: Re: Two can play that game

    It's purely a "civil" offence. I'm a Delawarian. If you don't pay then they block renewing the registration of the "offending" vehicle, until the car's fine is paid. And while the cops can pull you over for an expired registration, they can't arrest you for it.

    I got one of these a few years ago in my mom's car and my boyfriend just got one a few days ago. It's sort of like how asset forfeiture is filed against the actual asset, and the only purpose is to make money for the state. They do allow for you to try to put the liability on the actual driver, but who is going to turn over their spouse or significant other? No one that doesn't want to sleep on the couch for a month, and chances are it's shared money that's going to pay it anyway.

  • Sep 25th, 2019 @ 11:07pm

    Typical SOP

    Anyone remember the asset forfeiture database for New York (city or state, can't remember which) where just a basic query would freeze the entire $6 million dollar system? And tracking potentially the only physical evidence of violent rape collected in a special kit proved impossible for many police departments. We're talking about the incredibly basic process of keeping inventory, which could even be outsourced to a private company for a reasonable price, is fucked up in station after station after station.
    And now we think police can and will use some sort of human resources software, or hell, enter relevant information on a spreadsheet, and manage to share that spreadsheet regularly by, say, attaching it to an email? This isn't television folks! CSI has warped your expectations of what the cops are actually capable of.
    Cops and their unions will never allow this data to be collected because they don't ever believe they have done anything wrong to document. They want to keep pretending that that all cops are heroes doing the most dangerous job in the nation, practically for free, being unfairly maligned because of some whiney criminals and those terrorist at the ACLU.

  • Sep 11th, 2019 @ 9:09pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh, Lood Gord! You've no problem denying 2A righ

    I agree with everything you said. The problem is people want a solution, and explanations of why all the proposed solutions won't work seems to go ignored. Or labeled as fatalist.
    People are scared. Unfortunately, their more afraid of the random, lone wolf, individual attackers over the highly organized, fortified, armed thugs with badges. Of course, people are far more afraid of strangers lurking in the bushes than the people we know and trust that are far more likely to perpetrate a crime against us.
    I think we do need more mental health care, but not by force or with dystopian technology. We need more counselors, with community ties, who people can reach out to, and that can reach out to not only offer their services, but also help people connect with what they need, be it a job, opportunities for social interaction, or even hobbies to take interest in. Basically ways to connect troubled people with outlets to focus their energy and relieve some of the conditions that drive them to violence. And people with disabling mental illness need access to safe places to sleep and eat that aren't forced institutionalization, with advocates and lawyers so they aren't being warehoused in jails for being a nuisance. But I don't know if anyone could build a business off such things without turning into the bloated dysfunctional government mess we already have.

  • Sep 5th, 2019 @ 11:41pm


    If I believed that vaccines went through little to no scientific scrutiny, as you are posing here, I wouldn't get them either. What makes you think that vaccines don't under go rigorous testing, based on universally agreed upon scientific methods? I mean, I get skepticism of Big Pharma. Do you think they lie about clinical results, fake their research? Why would they take such a risk? Much easier to tweek the formula of a successful drug for a patent extension with none of the risk of committing fraud. And the level of conspiracy needed to pull off such a plot? Too many people, it would never work. Are you being serious, or just trolling? Im not trying to be rude or insulting, but have you really thought about how ridiculous the premise that giant drug companies have never done safety studies, and yet haven't been sued out of existence; instead, doctors who save the lives of babies emphatically market their products without any compensation, and loving, caring , intelligent parents choose to have their precious babies injected with an untested product? None of that seems remotely possible to me.

  • Sep 4th, 2019 @ 9:34pm

    Re: Re: Freedom to choose

    I might have been some what unclear. I feel that if you wish to be a part of society, then you have to get vaccinated. If you feel getting vaccinated is too great a risk, or for whatever reason, refuse to be vaccinated, then you can go live on a compound some where, or with whatever fringe society will have you. You are free to choose which life you want to lead. You are not free to impose an unnecessary risk on the rest of us.
    And there's plenty of reason to be skeptical of drug companies, especially with the revelations from Purdue pharma. But we should be worried about vaccines and preventative treatments being suppressed; drug companies make way less if we don't get sick.
    Oh, and those manufacturer "warning" slips that come with vaccines are mostly just litigation ass coverage. My prenatal vitamins came with pages of warnings. So does my heartburn medicine. Anyone notice how drug commercials legal jargon advises people to inform their doctor of every conceivable medical condition that said doctor should either already be aware of, or asking about before writing a prescription? I mean, anyone who has ever gone to a doctor knows you have to fill out pages and pages of medical history before you even see an exam room. Ass coverage. Even headache medicine warns that it may cause a headache!

  • Sep 4th, 2019 @ 4:17pm

    Freedom to choose

    As a libertarian, I support your freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated, or abstain from entering any place of public accommodation. To be a member of society, like any group, you trade off certain things for that membership. Society demands that in most situations you wear clothing and do not have an offensive odor. These things are not really negotiable, but are open to some interpretation. Don't like wearing pants? Like the smell of your unwashed feet? Refuse to get a couple of proven effective shots to prevent the potential spread of deadly illness to the most vulnerable members of society? That's fine, I don't want to force anything on you. But you cant force the rest of us to look at your hairy ass, smell your rank feet, or accept a completely unnecessary risk to the well-being of our kids.

  • Aug 22nd, 2019 @ 10:12pm

    (untitled comment)

    Oh I see now. A reasonable officer would be unfazed by someone briefly flashing their middle finger in a discreet manner. Just a little freedom of expression is all, and everyone knows cops have such thick skin. But when someone brazenly flashes their middle finger, waving it or otherwise emphasizing their provocative behavior, as this defendant did, no reasonable officer would think that such disrespect was aimed at him; obviously the defendant was provoking a fight with an unidentified driver, who, incidentally decided not to take the bait. Nonetheless, the defendant's actions were akin to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, meant to disrupt and provoke the otherwise peaceful public. The officer was protecting the public from a violent incident of road rage the defendant was trying to bring on himself. There's no way anyone dislikes cops that much.

  • Aug 15th, 2019 @ 2:40am

    Re: Re: A 'cure' worse than the disease

    What about mailing lists? And "rewards" cards (cards that offer me discounts on products based on my shopping history)? I think this is more throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Targeted advertising can be used for good every bit as much and more than evil. We just need more control and transparency in what information is collected, how it's collected, and who can access that info.
    We know that Russian efforts to disrupt our election were varied and widespread, but we have no concrete proof how much they actually influenced anyone. We really can't prove with certainty what outside factors influenced people and to what degree. But nobody was brainwashed into becoming racist in one election cycle; that was always there.
    Certainly we can and should encourage digital literacy, educate people on how to vet sources- especially those older folks that are more susceptible to fake news. We need to put our focus on getting people the tools to craft their online experience how they see fit, and less on demanding big tech shape everyone's experience the same way, which will never be universally agreed on.

  • Aug 13th, 2019 @ 9:39pm

    Re: Mike, you lost me

    Too simple-minded is more like it...

  • Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 8:15pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    Thank you for some good sense!

    Might I add that while AC might not care if he can get cheap stuff from China, many of us who live on a limited budget do. Access to these less expensive products improves the low and middle class standards of living. We can afford smartphones, big screen TVs, laptops and so much more. Things don't buy happiness, but these things can certainly facilitate it.

    I can't stand to hear the crying over lost manufacturing jobs, whether it's to other nations or technology. The previous generations that made their living in factories wanted better for their kids, that's why they sent them to college and prioritized education. They didn't want their kids to work in the same dangerous and physically taxing jobs in factories. We have become a nation that produces services rather than objects. We need to change how we train and educate our workforce so that we reduce the chance that people are left behind when some sort of disruption, like creative destruction, occurs. We need to assume that people will need to grow their skill set multiple times over their lifetime.

    China isn't hurting the US. Americans don't have any rights to jobs or factories from any private business (and our taxes should not be buying these rights either). So what if China, or any nation subsidizes an industry? Like we don't do that here, which we generally shouldn't. Seriously, if goods and services (and people) are crossing borders, then bullets and bombs won't be.

  • Jun 21st, 2019 @ 2:53pm

    Re: Re:

    The science isn't quite as firm as you think with regards to genitalia determining sex and gender. We are finding genetic variations and mutations that could explain a whole host of exceptional conditions. And from an evolutionary stand point, a spectrum of sexualities and gender expressions shows adaptability and variation that creates the greatest chance for human survival.
    And as for this idea that one is being "forced" to use a pronoun is plain silly. You have no right to examine one's genitals to see if their preferred pronoun matches their body. So whichever pronouns a person declares appropriate are the ones to use. Some women grow facial hair around the time they go through menopause, do you have the right to demand she tolerate being called he until she proves otherwise, because you think her facial hair and short haircut make her look like a man? Of course not. Use common courtesy and respect a person's wishes.

  • May 17th, 2019 @ 11:08pm

    Re: Re: Re: How does it go again? Oh right. Fuck your feelings

    Well, there was Myspace before Facebook.

    And why would you want to move all those millions of users over to your new platform? Many, if not most are going to end up demanding the same moderation that you call censorship, because they don't want to be exposed to hateful and hurtful rhetoric.

    I am much more in favor in creating user controls over the complicated mess of content moderation. I think people with hateful views should have a forum. I even think there may be reason to tolerate people trading child porn, as it might reduce sexual abuse of children ( it's a complicated idea that I have mixed feelings about and I don't want to hijack this thread). However, no one should be forced to host content that they don't want to. I think there's lots of lessons about the free market and cronyism that creates monopolies for everyone to learn some important lessons.

    And just like you say that just because I don't experience this supposed bias doesn't mean it's not happening, you claiming that it is doesn't prove you right. There are plenty of conservative speakers to point to to support my point. You can't name anyone that hasn't clearly violated TOS being deplatformed.

    An incel is someone who is involuntarily celibate. Being unable to develop intimate, sexual relationships, and then willfully refusing to modify ones behavior is cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's sad because intimate, sexual relationships is one of the joys and most exciting parts of the human condition and you're missing out. You even try to rationalize it to yourself, that women are shallow and demand more than you can possibly expect to offer. But truth is, you're just a miserable jerk.its not us, it's you.

  • May 17th, 2019 @ 11:52am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    He won't answer because he knows he traffics in hate.
    I'm a libertarian and some of my views fit in the pre-Trump conservative definition. None of them have been censored, including being pro second amendment.
    And I see plenty of "conservative" ideals that are never moderated out of view, in particular inflammatory and factually incorrect views against abortion, transgendered people, women in the military, and immigrants.
    What's really funny is this claim that Milo has been censored by liberals. I'm pretty sure Breitbart got rid of him for discussing pedophilia in a positive manner. If Breitbart dumped him, how could anyone claim he's been deplatformed for being too conservative? That's plain silly.

  • May 17th, 2019 @ 11:21am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Willful Blindness

    I thought my screen name was obviously feminine. But I will clarify that I am a woman, and in a long term heterosexual relationship with a good man who is not rich.
    You have only further illustrated that you are a misogynist, that you don't know how to interact with women yet think the reason you don't have an intimate relationship with one is due to their moral and intellectual defects.
    I know women who voted for Trump, and think he's doing a good job. None of them is fantasizing about Trump or anyone comparable. I don't know any women who seek relationships solely for financial reasons or because of a man's height. Financial security is only one of many aspects, falling way below compatibility, that women consider when choosing a life partner.
    Your misdirected anger is going to cement your life as an incel, and that's sad.

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