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  • Jul 1st, 2010 @ 6:55am

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    Obviously Finland is not the US and not guided by the same principles we are, but this is a dangerous road to go down. Broadband should not be a "right".

    John Doe made a good point, fee based services are “rights” now? If you start down this road, aren't you just watering down what a "right" ought to be? I'm certainly not a lawyer, so if anyone is please chime in, but isn’t that a bad precedent to set when a "right" is sometimes this, but then its sometimes that? Not sure how all the systems work in Finland, but doesn’t this open the door for companies or organizations that currently provide other “rights” to start charging now?

    I certainly think no one should have the right to arbitrarily drop your connection, especially on some trumped up file sharing charge, but last I checked you still can’t run into a crowded chat room and yell “fire”. Making broadband a “right”, so that the tool with which you broke the law remains in your hands is illogical. If you’re a Finnish pirate and it gets proven in a court of law, then you should lose your privileges to the internet.