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I am a lawyer and librarian who follows copyright, cyberlaw, and technology law. I'm a full professor in the library at Western Kentucky University, and am the author of two books ("The Law of Libraries and Archives" and "Finding the Law: Legal Research for Librarians and Paralegals"), both published by Scarecrow Press. I have also written 56 "Legally Speaking" columns for the professional publication "Against the Grain."

My writing takes legal issues and explains them in plain language for a non-legal audience. My current research involves constitutional issues dealing with religion, which sounds like a stretch from copyright. However, I'm still trying to explain a complex legal issue in plain language. So it makes more sense than it might seem at first glance.

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  • Nov 19th, 2013 @ 8:18pm

    Not sure it is really creepy

    I dislike internet trolls as much as anyone. However, I would like to respectfully disagree with the characterization of Al Trautwig as "creepy." In fact, I think calling a critic or internet troll is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. He probably searched for the guy online and had no idea it was the parents he was calling. From the way the story is written (and even from Blocknesmonster's tweets) the call sounded like it was a respectful one.

    Blocknesmonster stated that his parents were called at "midnight," but don't know this is true. Blocknesmonster's mother called him at 7 am Israeli time, which would have indeed been midnight in NY. However, that doesn't mean Trautwig had just called. It may instead mean that Blocknesmonster's mother called at midnight because of time changes. It is hard to call from the US, so staying up until midnight would allow his mother to call before Blocknesmonster left for work. Until I hear more, I'll reserve judgment on Al Trautwig.