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  • Jun 29th, 2012 @ 10:17am

    What about when a lead supervisor (step under sales manager) ...

    I have a lead supervisor that has said some pretty nasty stuff to me recently. After her first week there, when my hours got cut in my department to slow nights, 6 hours each night for 3 nights, she tried to confront me about not selling as much as I 'could.' She refused to listen to my account of each night. She accused me of trying to sabotage her. Her words, 'Are you trying to sabotage me because I got the position you wanted?' When I told her flat out that I never wanted her position, she seemed to not care. The issue, I thought was dropped. But now, about 2 weeks later, she told me to 'empty my pockets.' Her words. She wanted to see if I had these stupid laminated cards on me that she gave me. But her words never indicated it, she just said, 'empty your pockets.' Working in a sales environment such as walmart, lowes, etc without saying my place of employment, if loss prevention had heard her say that, they would have looked at me like I must have stolen something. What can I do to protect myself because it's a pure she said/she said in my case. The environment is toxic, I've tried to ask for a transfer that my store manager doesn't want to give because I'm a top seller there. Can I use a voice recorder to protect myself even if she doesn't know I have it with me?