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  • May 2nd, 2010 @ 7:55pm

    Re: Punishment

    A much better alternative is to "Ban" or "Blacklist" those "MEAN GIRLS" and other "Bullying Scum", for any and all school activities,such as;athletics;cheerleading;field trips;dances;and especially the Junior and Senior Prom!! Plus the Dean of Admissions to community colleges,universities,and tech schools,should be notified of their behavior,which in turn can at the Dean's discression,deny them admission to that facility!! And if they are admitted,those whom bully would be on "Probation",and one complaint would get them expelled!! "Double Secret Probation" anyone?!This is better than "Swatting',because these punishments have longer lasting effects,such as their victims get a shot at a Certificate" or Degree, while these "Bullies" and "Mean Girls", get to scrub toilets and/or empty bedpans in the local nursing home!! The impact of these consequences will last a lot longer,because they will be denied an education,and a decent paying job,with a future!!