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  • May 3rd, 2011 @ 9:04am

    Where to Go?

    This will be a tough question for everyone. I don't think giving up on the PS3 is the best thing to do. Both systems have their flaws- XBOX 360 and PS3. Sony will learn from this, we can all hope. I'm going to guess that their back-end systems are now much more secure. This is the sort of thing that removes the magical cloud-cover from people's eyes about a company though. There is no reason to be a die-hard fanboy at this point. Personally, I'll keep my PS3, and keep buying content, and playing games. Same for my 360, and whatever new consoles come out from either company in the future.
    To comment on a few of the comments above, I do not think this will bankrupt Sony. I would hate to see all of those people without jobs in this economy. I do think, however, that there will be a huge whole ripped into the company by the pending lawsuits. People will get fired, trust me. Now, will the right people get axed, or just some scapegoats...time will tell. I also hope that this is an eye-opener to all companies that they can be breached, no matter how secure they think they are. It's always that one catastrophic FAIL that gets people in motion.