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  • Oct 21st, 2010 @ 9:43am

    Reply from English Heritage (as ChoccyHobNob)

    his document has been sent to you from:

    Ms R L McKellar
    English Heritage
    Customer Services
    Po Box 569
    SN2 2YP

    Document Precis:

    Dear Mr Xxxxxx,

    Reference: xxxxxxxxx

    Thank you for your email regarding photography at Stonehenge.

    English Heritage looks after Stonehenge on behalf of the nation. But we do not control the copyright of all images of Stonehenge. And we have never tried to do so. We have no problem with photographers sharing images of Stonehenge on Flickr and similar not-for-profit image websites. We encourage visitors to the monument to take their own photographs.

    If a commercial photographer enters the land within our care with the intention of taking a photograph of the monument for financial gain, we ask that they pay a fee and abide by certain conditions. English Heritage is a non-profit making organisation and this fee helps preserve and protect Stonehenge for the benefit of future generations. The majority of commercial photographers respect this position and normally request permission in advance of visiting.

    I am sorry for any confusion caused by a recent email sent to a picture library.

    Yours sincerely

    Rae Mckellar
    Correspondence Team Manager