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  • Sep 14th, 2011 @ 2:48am

    Tiffany Gouche is not Tiffany Gouch/ Jane Hamilton-Post you are wrong

    I had to join this site just so I could write on here in response to the post above by Jane Hamilton-Post. Tiffany Gouche, who is shown in the video(s) from youtube that Jane links to, is NOT Tiffany Gouch, who filed this lawsuit.

    Tiffany Gouch goes by the stage name of Molasses Jones. These are links to her work:

    In fact, "TIffany Gouch" may be a made-up name for this woman. When filing a federal lawsuit, there is no requirement to prove identity. Her name may be something else. However, these Molasses Jones videos are the person who filed the lawsuit.

    She does seem to be mentally ill and extremely delusional. Although she dabbles in music, she seems to be using canned beats and doing a bit of talky rap over them. She also fancies herself to have a TV series, which are small videos of her shot in a library where she talks to the camera. In her videos and songs, there is no apparent musical talent.

    Yes she does appear to be homeless, though no longer at the shelter in Santa Barbara. In the first several paragraphs of this lawsuit (if it can even be considered that) she says that she was assaulted violently by her father. If this is true, this may explain why and how she split from reality. She seems very intelligent and very insane.

    Oprah's people will never even have to respond to this as it appears it was never even served properly. Also, since a few months have gone by, it appears Ms Gouch's pauperis filing was denied. This is as it should be. There is no need to waste the court's time and money on this.

    This woman appears to be deeply and firmly in her own world. Should she be treated and coaxed back to sanity, where she will be a homeless crazy person on welfare? Or should she remain as she now sees herself -- as the world's most successful songwriter ever, with her own TV series, and lots of famous connections?