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  • Jul 2nd, 2013 @ 4:36am

    Indian System is Overrated

    I am an Indian and can definitely say that the report here is exaggerated. Being in the computer software industry here I can vouch that CMS is like science fiction novel.

    India's premier investigative agency NIA is primitive and uses gmail for official communication. My friend is a journalist who helped one of Indian intelligence agencies see what Google is - right, he dint know what Google is.

    Indian bureacrats get their jobs after clearing an exam after graduation. Their association with education ends after that. Even if Indian government gets such a system designed by an MNC, they dont have people who will be able to use it efficiently.

    It is because of our reservation policy. For every 10 spies required, 5 will have to be SC, 2 have to be OBC and 1 tribal. So you have 2 general catagory people who will get the honorable spook job. They will get frustrated early and leave. The rest will be too uneducated to bother.