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  • Aug 19th, 2013 @ 7:34pm


    Being a UK national, i find it hard to believe that Lavabit just 'closed down'!!

    I found Lavabit very useful for my everyday emails, as i could send and receive through my isp (which i frequently change for economic reasons), without the need to keep changing email addresses.

    Any sensible proprietor/government would allow at least one email to be snet out advising of the closure-this would make good business sense??

    I have seen reports that about 350000 users have had their 'backs put up', with this closure? Whom does one blame, especially when one has to arrange a new email address at short notice and advise/change all the correspondents of this, something that took me a few hours!!

    It does also make one wonder (myself not included), why so many people get an anti American attitude to things, especially where they are not fully explained? Posting of the court order onto the website should have given users some insight into what was going on-this cannot surely be against the law??