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  • Nov 28th, 2010 @ 12:33pm

    Re: Does it turn on a word??

    Bravo! Clearly, as evidenced by too many of the comments posted here, it is wishful thinking to hope that more than a handful will truly understand what you are illustrating; and, personal integrity in our society appears to be on the decline. Rampant software pirating, illegal movie/music downloads and outright plagiarisms are becoming the accepted norm rather than the exception. Entitlement and laziness are rarely traits an employer will look for in a prospective candidate... originality, the ability to conceptualize and implement viable solutions to positively impact business outcomes and knowing they can absolutely trust the members of their team are vital to the success of any organization. The students who chose to step outside of the boundaries of ethical behavior should be held accountable; otherwise, the truly valuable lessons of honesty and respect are lost. And, once again, propagation of the insidious trait known as deceit continues. Note to students – you either know the material, or you don’t. The better question for you to contemplate is: Why did these students feel compelled to look outside of their curriculum and classroom instruction for a shortcut to success? …possibly due to the fact they were not properly focused and dedicated to their studies in the first place?

  • Nov 28th, 2010 @ 11:47am

    Re: This discussion misses the big picture

    Thank you for integrating real world scenarios into your core curriculum. "Teaching to a test" in no way prepares todays students for what they will ultimately face in life. Too many professors are crippling their students before they even get out of the starting gate; which, in turn, handicaps their future employers by saddling them with employees that do not know how to fully utilize available resources, conceptualize and effectively implement solutions and to be valuable contributors to an organization from the short, practical application of theory is necessary to successfully navigate in today's market and should be an integral part of our education process.