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  • Sep 14th, 2010 @ 8:03am

    Why TripAdvisor is at Fault

    TA recently sent out an email to members with a list of hotels and some well-chosen stinky reviews (not all representative of the hotels in question) with the headline "Don't go there. Hotel Horror Stories!. It is this endorsement of the reviews and the recommendation by TA that people should not go to the hotels that has opened the way to a possible suit.

    The KwikChex case against TripAdvisor

    TripAdvisor has long taken a high-handed attitude when dealing with owners who have legitimate complaints. Here's another current example:

    TripAdvisor FINALLY comes clean over disappearing reviews.

    It's about time TripAdvisor were taken down a peg or two. Once they have been told that a review contains false information then they SHOULD take down the offending part or face the consequences - the law as it stands is loaded too heavily in the favour of hosting sites.

    This may not come to court, by the way - as I understand it, KwikChex and the owners would rather they simply reform their ways and play fair when unfair - and especially fake - complaints are made against hotels etc.