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  • Mar 25th, 2010 @ 12:09pm

    hides more than apps

    for those saying that Facebook already gives you this ability, perhaps you can tell us how to get rid of all of those "is a fan of" posts.
    That to me was the biggest issue, as I was already blocking mafiawars and farmville crap.

    I even had to block a few friends because they were 'fans' of so many groups and pages.

    Problem was, I didn't want to block people, just the fluff.
    THAT is what this script does. Clears out all of the junk.

    But, it's there to see anytime you want by simply clicking on the 'show' link. So, if you needed to check on who became friends with who, a quick click shows the fluff (without the clutter of content).

    If his facebook page is taken down, he may still have his site