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  • Oct 26th, 2013 @ 8:58am

    NSA snoops on ASIO

    The NSA with DCS have been snooping on our allies, in Australia at Pine Gap, Woomera Test Range and the ASIO, Australia Security Intelligence Agency, as well as our own staff at Edwards AFB, CA and China Lake Naval Weapons Center, Ridgecret, CA the NSA is indeed as was told to me by the OIG Dr. George Ellard personal assistant. Folks NSA staffers use the Gray secured tech to get insider tips on stock to buy so they get the information before the public does, fraud and abuses continue.

  • Oct 23rd, 2013 @ 4:38pm

    NSA abuses and Fraud more threats

    The fake lady who says she is in charge of the OIG/NSA Hotline is at it again changes names from Karen Phillips to now Christina ? but she did provide the following information on abuses ongoing in her department and the NSA over all. With her threats being traced back to her , and now criminal investigations are open, she should be forewarned releasing classified information and making threats of harm to children are not taken lightly. Her boss George Ellard she says is a pig, so ? This number is one she accesses for secured harassing people 301-688-7722 her number is 301-688-6524 or call the Director of NIC Charles McCullough III 703-482-1300 or her best one is to call the crazy co-worker at 301-688-6911 that gal is a real nut job,but the best one she said since she does NOT like Obama call him at his residence WH number and tell him off at 202-456-2650 this one is for real the Ushers office Claire to the Presidents Residence . So one thing for sure is NSA is way out of control and out of touch with reality.

  • Oct 21st, 2013 @ 3:08pm

    NSA Threats and Intimadation

    Today I received two calls from the NSA at a number i never gave them. They called from 301-688-6327 and 301-688-6524. I had filed a formal complaint of electronic abuses and how my name got involved. The OIG office refused to discuss the matter and i sent two formal online complaints. Hours later i received two calls from the above numbers, making threats and trying to intimate me. The staff asked me how i got an inside classified number to call back on ? I said i hit my redial after missing your call to me just minutes ago. She became so violent and hostile on the phone, i said i would send a complaint to the White House, and the FBI, she " Warned me not too" so something is very amiss and wrong when out of the blue the NSA calls you and tells you not to complain ? so I filed a complaint to 4 of her bosses in the NSA, Keith Alexander, OIG Dr. George Ellard and her immediate supervisor Tab (?) Benarte so folks now i see how the abuses of the NSA are becoming all too real.