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  • Dec 10th, 2013 @ 12:02pm

    I was happy Kickstarter FINALLY stepped in

    As one of the backers (I really only became a backer in order to comment and help take this project down as I saw it was a scam) that helped take this down... while it took them longer than I thought it should have... I was glad that KS finally stepped in.

    I've backed quite a few projects and this one just stunk! I believe that I've been burned on one of them as the production date has now been delayed by more than 6 months. Time will tell... on that one it didn't become apparent until AFTER the funding time limit ran out.

    THIS one on the other hand became apparent a couple of weeks ago with silliness, as you pointed out, of a product description that included 1080P on a 240x240 display... and 4GB of RAM (my Note 3 "only" has 3GB... lol).

    It was clear that the creator himself had no idea what product he was even trying to sell!

    Anyway. Good article and summary of the events! Cheers!