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  • Aug 8th, 2009 @ 10:19am

    Latest Global Verge News!

    Will Your Neighbor’s Be Your Cell Phone Provider, Or Will You Be His?

    That’s the plan of Buzzirk Mobile, powered by Zer01, is to capture a large portion of the worldwide cellular market with its veritable mobile convergence technology. The proprietary patent pending technology allows Windows Mobile 6 Smart phones to go from cell to tower to the internet there by skipping over the wireless network. The CEO Ben Piilani has contracted with VOX, a division of Pervasip to provide the VOIP and Carrier network for Zer01. Zer01 has agreements with other cellular carriers for the cell tower uplinks.

    It’s not a question of if, but when. That’s what 50,000 Global Verge E-Associates want to know. The announcement on May 7th, 2009, that Global Verge and its subsidiary MVNO Buzzirk Mobile had secured exclusive MLM rights, created quite a stir. The excitement grew to frenzy, and had to be curtailed by the companies. At the height of the hoopla, more than 1,500 E-Associates were signing up everyday. This created several problems the company was not staffed to handle. Credit card processing and back office issues lead to Buzzirk and Zer01 missing their initial launch date of July 1st. Working feverishly to correct the problems, a new COO was hired and the office is being staffed to handle all the new E-Associates. Pay checks are being sent out and the phones are coming soon. The Diamond Leaders, as they are called, will have their phones sometime in August. Company officials have said that their main mission is to get all the Global Verge Associates that want a phone to have a phone, before it goes retail to the public.

    Zer01 in a press release said it was looking at several big box Retailers to also market their unlimited plan. If Global Verge and its Associates take off again when the phones are released, big box Retailers may find themselves, waiting in line until the projected 1 million Global Verge Reps get their phones.

    What’s all the excitement about? Two things: unlimited cell phone with a fixed rate of $79.95; plus free internet, text, data, uploads and downloads at Broadband speeds. The only glitch is it will only be available on GSM networks. Verizon and Sprint are using a different technology, so you will not be able to unlock and use these phones on the Zer01 program. Pharos, HTC and Ericsson are making the unlocked phones now. Once the phone system is up and going, and demand from the Global Verge Reps have been met, other manufacturers are expected to come on board. Making SIM cards for over 4,000 different kinds of phones is nearly impossible for an upstart like Zer01.

    Once in a great while, a product or idea comes along that literally changes the way we operate forever. Buzzirk and Global Verge recognized this new technology and jumped on the opportunity to become its marketer. The Global Verge 3x9 matrix allows the Global Verge Associates to maximize income through their compensation plan: both through recruiting new E-Associates and retailing this revolutionary cell phone plan. Once the phones are released to the Global Verge E-Associates, the race will be on! Piilani says there is a market potential for 30 million subscribers and it will take 5 years. Global Verge expects 1 million distributors in less than 2 years. The people becoming associates right now are setting themselves up for windfall profits. With the economy like it is, and the cost of other cell phone plans, the Global Verge E-Associates may be at the right place at the right time!

    For more information please feel free to contact us! Robin & Jerry 828-421-5505 or

  • Jul 22nd, 2009 @ 8:24pm

    Global Verge

    Thanks Derek for all the publicity! We are getting major hits on our website, thanks to you! I have sent the link to your article to the CEO of Global Verge, and will post the reply. Most of your article is terribly wrong, and you need to make sure you get your facts straight before publishing. We welcome any and all questions, and please make sure to tell everyone, that they can contact us at anytime, for more information.

    Robin & Jerry 828-421-5505;;

    Have a great day!