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  • Feb 8th, 2011 @ 6:38am

    The entire p2p issue is absurd!!

    We're talking about pornography.. copyrights and unique intellectual property. Okay. Show me one porn flic that gives credit to the original story from which the movie was made. Guy meets girl.. they take clothes off.. have intercourse. The plot of the movie isn't the crummy few minutes of idle chat before and after any number of sex scenes that have been duplicated over and over a million times on film since porn has been filmed. Stars appearing in these films are not usually unique in "ohhh" "ahhh" to be considered stellar performances, again same dialog over and over again.

    The inverse is why are there not 1000's of lawsuits for copying or violating other produced films with the same or similar scenes? In part or in total?

    Secondly; The internet is not safe. It never has been safe, but there are methods to protect work. i.e. literary work is a 1000 times more common for theft than film. For film? If the originator doesn't adequately protect his/her work using technology including secure ppv sites? Tough crap.. it probably isn't worth protecting anyway.

    Third.. If anyone believes that there is any value in porn movie piracy enough to make a profit distributing it illegally needs their heads examined.