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  • Oct 14th, 2010 @ 4:23am

    fuck thai people

    first of all i'm an intelligent female who graduated from a university with a master's degree. i came to thailand because i wanted to help a helpless country... they don't want it and surely they don't deserve it after being here in thailand only for 7 months. the land of smiles is my ass, not thai people. they have no manners, no modesty, and no character. they talk shit in thai about you, in front or around you but not to you. as if they think we don't understand "farang" or our names in their hostile conversations.

    they treat every foreigner like they care about you but they don't. so, yes, their FAKE ass people. they love to gossip and jump into conclusions like their going to die right then and there. they are truly retarded people who does not 'RESPECT' their king. if they did respect him then they should have never taken thailand for granted. the thais' should be willing to FIX their greedy/ corrupted/ selfish problems before representing themselves of proud people of thailand. WTF is there to be proud about? you all suck dicks and pussys. all what you want is money. and believe me thais do because i had alot of DUMB ass thai "supposedly" friends, who thought that i was one dumb and "such a nice" foreigner to give them MONEY if they ask for it in the most SLYIEST way possible. and thank god i never became a victim of fraud. i just tell them that i ain't got shit and i stick to that "friendly-brush off" undercover attitude.

    remember, i said FUCK thai people not the country thailand. parts of thailand is breathtaking but not worth the mental, pyhsical, and, emotional abuse thai people like to create. they just all love having their own thai DRAMA series/ lakorns, every damn day.

    i really do have lots of patience in working with thai students who take up my time of helping them for granted. they take us for granted because the school officials and thai teachers don't give a FUCK either about us foreigners. they just want "LITERALLY" all the free gov. funds for retarded ass projects that i never saw completed. and everyone of those thai people took as much money as they can for themselves. i see it everytime and i never ask because it's not my business. THAI people just want to spill little CRAP that you DON'T want to hear or know about. at the end, thai people are the most disgusting human beings living on earth. they can't take care of the nasty smell of their country and green environment that is falling apart.

    i came to this country to seek truth behind all the myths about thailand and i can conclude that it's true. i get so irritated and annoyed by their attitude problems that i sometimes just want to slap, spit, and purposely bump into them because that's what they do to every foreigner here. and i don't like how they really RIPP you off on everything, even if i speak thai to them. and they do OVERCHARGE and BEAT UP foreigners. how do i know? because i've seen situations like that all the time here in thailand.

    by the way, i'm not "white" american. i'm asian american. and thank god i'm not thai, if i was i would hang myself because of shame.

    thai people should SHUT the HELL up because you CREATURES don't have anything good to PROVE that you care about thailand or yourselves. not even proof that YOU, yea YOU, care about the king. i've seen the king's work and let me tell ya, he's the BEST thai person i'll ever know because he does all of his thai citizens DIRTY jobs volunteerly. and the rest of the thai people ARE INCREDIBLY "LAZY." always fucking "sabai, sabai."