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  • Apr 21st, 2011 @ 9:18pm

    jesse jackson jr. against ipad tech

    This is not about whether jjjr. is against ipads and/or technology. Follow the money. He sees a history of prosperity in the paper industry as a format to launch a campaign against a financially solid technology. And he's right. Technology has already overcome many industries. But the question is "who's to blame?". The paper industry has had thirty odd years to see the writing on the wall (or on the computer). If the paper industry had been as intelligent and willing to see their inevitable demise as they were to destroy forests, they would have acted appropriately. They would have put their main finacial assets into the up and coming technology while still keeping a small holding in the paper business. It could have been a win/win situation for them. But greed was their downfall. I don't feel terribly bad for the CEO's, however the employees deserve some reflection. This shows how important employees are to any business and business decisions. But, that takes us into another area of discussion.